Athabaskan is Home

HMCS Athabaskan arrived this morning. She picked up her pilot at 0500, and was off Pier 42 around 0700. (Above) Passing the ectug wharfs, photo screengrab from
(below) Overall shot with tugs Atlantic Elm, Atlantic Oak and Atlantic Fir.

(Above and Below) Tugs working her of dockyard, around 0830. Looks like she will be tied up at the NC Jetty, with damage side facing the pier.

Update: tied up at Jetty NC:

 (Below)Damage Just above the dock Level

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6 thoughts on “Athabaskan is Home

  1. Westernobserver

    The Port Weller Rep stated that the AthaB, and I would surmise the Iriquois and Algonquin would be included,
    are in very poor condition which accounted for the extra $5 mil in the refit quote. Since I'm not involved with ships at all I'd like to know where on the ship this extra work would take place. Since these ships are 40 years old I would guess it would be mostly down in the "guts" somewhere. Any info?

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