Route Halifax Saint Pierre. Starts Tomorow.

Tomorrow marks the Start of the  Route Halifax Saint Pierre yacht race. Held Every second year, opposite the MarbleHead to Halifax Race. The Start is at noon, with the starting line near Sackville Wharf on the downtown Halifax waterfront (near Lat 44° 38.9’ N,Lon 63° 34.0’ W)
The finishing line will be between a flagpole with a red flashing light (Lat 46° 47.643′ N, Long 56° 09.560′ W) on the Frigorifique deep water wharf and the North Cardinal Buoy “Bouée du Flétan” with a white flashing light (Lat 46° 47.342′ N, Long 56° 09. 170′ W)
The french naval Patrol Boat Fulmar is in town for the race, and will be escorting participants. You can Follow the race progress With Yellow brick (Needs Flash)

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