The Latest on the Nova Dock

Word is that it will cost $60-70 million to replace the NovaDock. the shipyard is planning to issue the Tender for the replacement dock in Jan 2015 with expected delivery of 2 years from that.
The Yard is selling the Novadock for scrap.
The Current Timeline for AOPS construction starts next July with first plates cut in new facility at Windmill Rd site.  From start of cutting to expected launch will be roughly 2 years which would coincide with the delivery of the new dry dock. The New building will allow more work to be done indoors, so launches will now occur much closer to overall completion. They will also be able to do 2 vessels at once. 
This means the yard will be largely unavailable for commercial service for the next 2 years, until a replacement dock is found. No doubt Davie is thrilled, as they are the logical choice to pick up this work. There is no word on the replacement for the ScotiaDock II, which was announced in 2012.

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