French Rubis Class Sub.

the Noon hour brought the arrival of the French Rubis class submarine. the exact identity is currently secret, but it would have to be one of the 6 boats in the class.

  • S601 Rubis
  • S602 Saphir
  • S603 Casabianca
  • S604 Émeraude
  • S605 Améthyste
  • S606 Perle

Powered by a nuclear reactor, she tied up at Shearwater.

The Tug Glenivis met the sub off Maugher’s beach with a barge, and recovered a towed array. this suggests the array may have gotten stuck in the deployed position and this was an unplanned stop to deal with that.

UPDATE: Marlant tweeted that the sub is FS Améthyste, and is here to re-supply.

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2 thoughts on “French Rubis Class Sub.

  1. Devan

    The towed array on the Rubis class is not retractable, it cannot get stuck, it’s attached and detached by a barge.

    1. Peter Post author

      thanks for that. I didn’t know.
      it kind of strikes me inconvenient when operating on the surface but what do i know.


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