Visiting Tuesday – US and French Warships

Tuesday  features tow visits by foreign naval vessels.

the First – USS Witchita, the newest Freedom Class Littoral combat ship is due in the morning, likely tieing up at the dockyard around 7:30 am. the ship is headed to her home port after completing construction in Wisconsin, and being accepted by the US Navy.

the second ship – BSAH Rhone is a support ship belonging to the French Navy. Bâtiment de soutien et d’assistance hauturiers (BSAH)  vessles will be used by the French Navy for rescue missions, environmental protection, work in military ports and general support for other navy units.Commissioned in June of this year, the ship is the second of four vessels in her class.

ths ship is on quite a tour – She tied up in Esquimalt at the end of September.

BSAH Rhone will be a dockyard 3:45-4pm ish.

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