Ice Fighter for Tufts Cove

Nova Scotia Power looks to be topping up the tanks with a load of bunker c fuel. The appropriately named tanker Ice Fighter tied up at the powerplant yesterday. Built in 2006, it arrived in Halifax from New Orleans, via Freeport Bahamas. The last tanker to Tufts cove was in January 2022.

Oil Delivery for Tufts Cove.

the tanker Larvik tied up at Tufts cove power plant Last night. the ship was previously in Freeport Bahamas, where is likely discharged some of its cargo which was loaded in New Orleans. Tufts cove is receiving a top up of bunker C oil for the first time since 2019. the plant was built to […]

Ice Point to Tufts Cove

The NSP Plant at Tuffs Cove took the Tanker Ice Point this morning, to top up the tanks with Bunker C. While the plant primarily runs on Natural Gas, it was originally constructed to burn oil, and a tanker seems to tie up every year or so to re-supply the plant.

Bunker C fuel spill in the Harbour @ NSP Tufts Cove Power Plant

Word is there a significant fuel spill of bunker C fuel at Tufts Cove. Sources indicate a pipe burst at the power plant leaking bunker C oil. The Coastguard has Halifax Inshore rescue on scene. As well Connors Diving was deploying oil boom. UPDATES Will Be Posted at as they become available below UPDATE […]

Overseas Jademar Tops up Tufts Cove

Another vessel that sailed last night, Overseas Jademar spent 2 days offloading into Tufts cove tank.The Power Plant can burn both heavy oil and Natural Gas, and will see a tanker once a year or so. Built in 2002, Overseas Jademar is a Panamax tanker. Noteably she failed a port state control inspection in Washington […]

Serifos for Tufts Cove

The tanker Serifos arrived from Wilmington this morning and tied up at The power plant at tufts cove. Though it burns Natural gas, It originally burned oil and still can. Typically a tanker tops up their oil tank once a year. Photos to follow. Sorry for the quality – shot into the sun.

Perseus N for Tufts cove

The tanker Perseus N Departed the Basin this morning to tie up at Tuffts cove.  She Spun around in the Narrows, and tied up bow facing north. The Power plant located there originally burned bunker oil, but was updated to burn natural gas. It retains the ability to burn oil, and tankers make occasional stops […]

Tanker to NSPower Plant at Tufts Cove

The Tanker ASOPOS will be ariving and tieing up at the Tufts Cove Generating Station around 0200 tomorow morning.. The plant was originally built as an oil fired plant, but more recently was converted to Natural Gas. It retained the ability to burn oil, and tankers occasionally still tie up there. There were 2 tankers […]

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