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ARM Cuauhtémoc for port visit

tied up at pier 24

The Mexican Navy’s sail training vessel ARM Cuauhtémoc is tied up at Pier 24. the ship is open to the public until Wednesday 11am-8pm

She is the last of four sister ships built by the Naval Shipyards of Bilbao, Spain, in 1982, based on a design similar to the 1930 designs of the German firm Blohm & Voss so she is a modern version of the  USCGC Eagle. Her contemporaries Include Gloria (1968 Columbia) Guayas (1977 Ecuador) and Simon Bolivar (1980 Venezuela)

USS Wichita Arrives




USS Witchita,LCS-13, the newest Freedom Class Littoral combat ship arrived this morning. The ship is headed to her home port after completing construction in Wisconsin, and being accepted by the US Navy August 22. USS Sioux City Arrived on the 6th, having also been delivered on the 22nd of August. She was the first LCS I missed photographing due to work and weather.

The others to Call So far include:

USS Freedom – Nov 2008
USS Fort Worth – Aug 2012
USS Milwaukee – Dec 2015
USS Detroit – Nov 2016
USS Little Rock – April 2018

Visiting Tuesday – US and French Warships

Tuesday  features tow visits by foreign naval vessels.

the First – USS Witchita, the newest Freedom Class Littoral combat ship is due in the morning, likely tieing up at the dockyard around 7:30 am. the ship is headed to her home port after completing construction in Wisconsin, and being accepted by the US Navy.

the second ship – BSAH Rhone is a support ship belonging to the French Navy. Bâtiment de soutien et d’assistance hauturiers (BSAH)  vessles will be used by the French Navy for rescue missions, environmental protection, work in military ports and general support for other navy units.Commissioned in June of this year, the ship is the second of four vessels in her class.

ths ship is on quite a tour – She tied up in Esquimalt at the end of September.

BSAH Rhone will be a dockyard 3:45-4pm ish.

Norweigan frigate KNM Helge Ingstad Struck by Tanker, In danger of sinking

KNM Helge is a Nansen Class Frigate. Pictured is KNM Thor Heyerdahl on a2012 port visit to Halifax

The Norwegian frigate KNM Helge Ingstad was stuck early this morning by the tanker SOLA TS while anchored west of Bergen. The tanker had just loaded North Sea Crude oil, and was departing the fjord when the incident happened.

the frigate appears to have been stuck in the stern area, and flooding continues, with the latest images showing the frigate nearly on its side, a significantly worse state then shortly after the collision, when the frigate was simply low in the stern. the ship also appears to have deliberately run aground at the bow, in an attempt to keep the ship from sinking,

the Frigate was participating in the Nato Exercise Trident Juncture, which also featured Canadian frigates HMCS Halifax and HMCS Toronto. the 137 crew members were able to evacuate the ship, with 7 minor injuries reported. Marine traffic reports the frigate was not broadcasting AIS at the time.


UPDATE 11/09:

New imagery from the Norwegians this morning. looks like the ship has settled on her side. She was not broadcasting AIS at the time of the collision, and appears to have been holed by the tankers protruding anchor hawsepipe, which looks to have left a large gash from the hanger aft.

Still taken from this video


from yesterday:

Update 11/10:

she looks to be down more on her side.

Update 11/13:
Shes Sunk. Overnight the 7 lines holding the ship to shore broke, and she slipped beneath the waves. The Norwegian government announced on the 12th that the ship was secure.

Word is she was actually sailing when the incident occured, and not anchored, and was aware of the presence of the outgoing tanker. An audio log obtained by Norwegian media has revealed that the frigate failed to change course despite repeated warnings that she was on collision course with the tanker. Significant questions about Seamanship and damage control need to be asked after this incident.


Update 11/14

USS Sioux City Due this afternoon

The USS Sioux City is due for a Port visit today, arriving at the dockyard around 1:15.

A Freedom Class Littoral Combat ship, she is on her delivery trip from the builders in Marinette Wisconsin. USS Wichita is also on a delivery trip, and currently tied up in Montreal

USS Freedom – Nov 2008
USS Fort Worth – Aug 2012
USS Milwaukee – Dec 2015
USS Detroit – Nov 2016
USS Little Rock – April 2018

the class will feature 8 more ships.

French Rubis Class Sub.

the Noon hour brought the arrival of the French Rubis class submarine. the exact identity is currently secret, but it would have to be one of the 6 boats in the class.

  • S601 Rubis
  • S602 Saphir
  • S603 Casabianca
  • S604 Émeraude
  • S605 Améthyste
  • S606 Perle

Powered by a nuclear reactor, she tied up at Shearwater.

The Tug Glenivis met the sub off Maugher’s beach with a barge, and recovered a towed array. this suggests the array may have gotten stuck in the deployed position and this was an unplanned stop to deal with that.

UPDATE: Marlant tweeted that the sub is FS Améthyste, and is here to re-supply.

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