Jack Up Drill Rig Noble Regina Allen arrives on Forte

After spending yesterday circling off the approcahes due to high winds, the Forte pulled into anchorage 1 this morning with the Jack up Rig Noble Regina Allen aboard. In the coming days she will be floated off, and likely jack up off Woodside.

The Noble Regina Allen will be used to decommission the Sable offshore gas field, and capping the wells. the work is expected to take up to two years.

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  1. I saw this rig for the first time at night on November 7, it looked like a fairy-tale castle, all lit up! I had to get on the internet and find out what it was. Now as I type this (Nov 9 9:30am) it is traveling past George’s Island. For those of us not in the know, can you explain why the rig is here in Halifax?

  2. I’ve been watching the Forte for a few weeks now. I’ve been a fan of these ships since seeing Mighty Servant 1 in Marystown NL in the 80’s.
    Any idea why she is still here in the basin or when she might be leaving?

      • I’m surprised a ship like this would have any idle time. But I guess Dockwise has a few of these ships and the next assignment could be North American based or something.

        • The US Navy was able to get 2 vessels from dockwise on short notice to transport damaged destroyers from japan to the US. I agree, they likely keep the ships busy, and booked well in advance but that doesnt mean there are gaps between projects etc.

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