Atlantic Cartier set to retire

Shot of Atlantic Cartier taken from the current top floor of the Nova Center. The crane boom is from The Maple. Get your shots of the current ACL Ships now. Atlantic Star is Due to begin service this fall, as the new G4 vessels come into service.

Atlantic Star was Launched in China January 27. You can follow the progress of the new vessels at http://www.nextgenerationconro.com/blog/

If you haven’t seen it, I have a progress blog following the construction of the Nova Center. You Can find it at http://novacenter.builthalifax.ca/


New ACL vessels named by Haligonian

 Construction is progressing on Atlantic Container Line’s new G4 vessels, which will be the largest RORO/Containerships in the world. The G4 vessels will replace ACL’s existing fleet of G3’s operating in the company’s transatlantic service.

The new G4 Fleet is being named Atlantic Star, Atlantic Sail, Atlantic Sea, Atlantic Skyand Atlantic Sun. Andrea Cox, who started with ACL in September 1996, submitted the winning names. Andrea is a Customer Service Representative at ACL’s Halifax Customer Service Center. Andrea said she chose the names based on her daily experience with customers. 

When the construction of the G‐4’s began in 2013, ACL’s parent company, the Grimaldi Group, decided that ACL’s employees would hold a contest to name the new vessels. Over 5,000 name proposals were received. Each ACL country manager and department manager picked his/her favorite 25 sets of 5 names. The most frequently selected 25 name sets were submitted to Grimaldi Group Management in Italy, who chose the winner. 
The new G4 vessels will be bigger, faster, greener and more efficient than their predecessors. The G4’s will have a container capacity of 3,800 TEUs plus 28,900 square meters of RORO space, with a car capacity of 1307 vehicles. The new ships will continue to employ cell‐guides on deck, a feature that will allow ACL to extend its enviable record of never losing a container at sea in over 30 years. The first ACL G4 will enter service next summer, followed every two months by a sister vessel until the entire ACL fleet is replaced.

Em Ithaki – Fill in for ACL

The Container ship Em Ithaki tied up at Fairview Cove this morning. Built in 1991, she is owned and managed by Eurobulk of Greece, and came of a Long term charter as MOL Volta between 2001 and 2012. She is rated at 2135 TEU so is quite low in capacity.

She is likely just filling in for a few trips while the regular ACL Vessel is being Maintained.

Eurobulk LTD photo.


Harmony N for ACL

Another Non Con-RO vessel making the rounds for ACL. This time the Harmony N. Cyprus Flagged, she was built in 2006 by the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan, South Korea and Operated as Maersk Jakarta before becoming Harmony N. She is Rated at 2800teu.

She sailed at 16:30


HS Beethoven for ACL

The Containership HS Beethoven arrived yesterday evening for Fairview Cove. She is working for ACL, which is interesting since she is a container only vessel. She is likely filling in temporarily for one round trip, as she does not appear on ACL’s schedule after this voyage.


Atlantic Cartier’s replacement, Part 2

With Yesterdays arrival of CSAV Rungue, the container portion of Atlantic Cartiers run was taken care of. Today Broght the Arival of the Pure Car truck Carrier (PCTC) GRAND BENELUX. Painted in the Colors of the Grimaldi group, She is operated by ACL’s Parent company, and stopped at Autoport to Replace the RO-RO capability that is not available with the container ship.


CSAV RUNGUE to replace Atlantic Cartier

On Sunday, CSAV RUNGUE is scheduled to stop at fairview cove for Atlantic Container Lines.
She is likely the charter vessel to replace Atlantic Cartier, which was damaged by fire.

She is a conventional container vessel, without a RO-RO capability. it is likely then that delays will be added to ro-ro cargo on ACL’s schedule. ACL’s schedule also show GRANDE ANGOLA arriving June 10th. She is a Con-ro ship, simalar to ACL’s vessels, and owned by thier parent Grimaldi group.


Atlantic Cartier fire

Halifax regular Atlantic Cartier suffered a fire in her roro deck last night in Hamburg Germany. Reports are 80 cars were damaged. No word on damage to the ship, though its probably significant.

Acl is building replacements for these vessels, so if damage is significant, Atlantic Cartier may go straight to the scrapers.


Atlantic Companion Had Issues

Atlantic Companion arrived yesterday, and apparently had an issue inbound. Tugs were dispatched and she anchored in Anchorage 1, before moving to Fairview Cove around 10pm. ACL Vessels are typically able to dock unassisted, unless there are high winds, or a mechanical deficiency.

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