Todays Activities

SCOTT TURECAMO WITH BARGE NEW HAMPSHIRE moved from Imperial Oil to the Anchorage, Presumably to wait out the weather.
Scott Turecamo is a semi regular visitor to Halifax, with various oil barges. Known as an ATB for Articulated tug and barge, the tug mates to the barge with a special pin so it is ridgidly connected. The advantage is that a tug and Tank barge requires fewer crew then a tanker, so ATB’s bend the rules and save their owners some crewing costs.

Georgia S sailed today with a load of Gypsum. The gypsum business is still struggling, with more layoffs announced today. Georgia S will likely be back to her anchorage in the Bedford Basin within the week. Atlantic Condor, Atlantic towing’s new supply ship also sailed early this morning, presumably for more trials.

Finally, HMCS St John sailed today, with HMCS Montreal Continuing Cyclone testing in the Harbour.

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