Tall Ships Circa 1984

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a Selection of photos from the very First Tall Ships NS – Circa 1984. First up, We have A visitor from earlier this year – Venezuelan Navy tall ship Simon Bolivar

Next We have a familiar face, The Bluenose II

The Soviet Navy Sail Training Vessel Kruzenshtern, A Difficult get I would imagine in 1984. If the Tug looks familiar, its the Florence M, during her time as Point Vibert with Eastern Canada Towing and Salvage (EC Tug).

Finally we have this unknown American Schooner, I belive to be the Harvey Gamage passing the EC Tug Wharf.

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5 thoughts on “Tall Ships Circa 1984

    1. Mike Roberts

      Lee, you are absolutely correct I was crew on her back just before the event. I was in Halifax aboard the Ketch Angelique.

  1. Rafael Rios

    I was a cadet at the Venezuelan naval school and I was in that parade aboard the Simón Bolívar, an unforgettable experience

  2. James

    I rowed the canadian admiral across from halifax side to the ships on the dartmouth side for his inspection with 1 other ordinary seaman. It was a very memorable experience.


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