Loading at National Gypsum

Gypsum is one of those products you never think about, but is present in all our lives. Gypsum is a mineral, and is mined heavily in Nova Scotia. Its primary use is the white plaster filling in Wall Board (AKA Dry Wall). Gypsum is mined, and then brought by rail car to National Gypsum on the Bedford Basin, where it is stockpiled, and loaded on to ships.

The Economic downturn was hard on housing, and therefore less wallboard was produced, so less gypsum was as well. Recently An increase in traffic to NAtional gypsum shows that production must Be heading up.

As a bulk commodity, Gypsum is loaded via conveyer into the open holds of the ship. – It is literally poured in. A self unloader makes discharging the cargo relatively fast and easy. Gypsum is a fine poweder, and is not very hard   on ships machinery so gypsum carriers can have a long life.

Above – The Bulk carrier Balder Loads Gypsum.

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