Another new vessel – CCGS M. Perley

A first time in halifax for the CoastGuards new Near-Shore Fishery Research Vessel CCGS M. Perley. She was built in 2010 with sisters CCGS Vladykov and CCGS Leim. These vessels will be dedicated to DFO’s Oceans Science program and are deployed on the Atlantic coast. a fourth one is operating on the Pacific coast.
She was built in  starting in 2010 at Matane, Quebec at the Méridien Maritime Inc. shipyard.

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One thought on “Another new vessel – CCGS M. Perley

  1. SeaWaves

    From CCG Pacific: Three recently constructed Near-Shore Fishery Research Vessels (CCGS Perley, Vladykov and Leim) are on the East Coast. The fourth near-shore fishery research vessel in operation in the Pacific Region is CCGS Neocaligus (constructed in 1989).


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