More Bulk Ship issues – Death on Tecumseh

Techumseh from her bridge (TSB Photo)

The Transportation Safety Board is on its way to Windsor to invistigate an accidental death. The Bulk Carrier Tecumseh was loading grain at Thunder Bay. Reports that “A 40-year-old Greater Toronto Area man is dead following an industrial mishap on Thunder Bay’s waterfront.

Thunder Bay Police said the unidentified man was killed in the early hours of Saturday working on a grain ship in port, but had little else to say about the tragedy, which occurred at about 2 a.m”

Tecumseh is Canadian Registered, and owned and managed by Lower Lakes Towing. As the TSB is reporting it is meting the ship in Windsor, It has clearly deprted Thunderbay, and is crossing Superior. Dept of Labour investigators were on scene in Thunder Bay.

UPDATE 12/6  It has been reported that it was a member of the Tecumseh’s crew who died while the boat was docked at the Viterra 7-B terminal in Thunder Bay. Few details have been released, but it appeared the man slipped and fell into one of the boat’s grain holds.

The CBC Reported
The incident was initially considered a labour-related issue, but “at this point in time the Transportation Safety Board believes that [the incident] might be something of interest to advance marine transportation safety,” senior investigator Stephane Chevalier said.

The TSB team wants to hear first-hand what happened by “interviewing the crew, looking at what happened” and reenacting “the sequence of events.” “We will also, if needed, take items away from the vessel that we can bring to our lab in Ottawa for … further testing if it’s required,” he said.
Chevalier said the team will likely spend a few days with the ship in Windsor, however he noted a complete investigation could take 12 to 14 months.”

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