Update on Athabaskan

I Spoke with Capt. Doug Keirstead of Marlant today.
He informed me a Engineering Assement team and a repair team were enroute to assess the ship, affect repairs and update the tow risk Assesment. Once the ship returns to Halifax, A more detailed survey will be completed.

Capt. Keirstead informed me that the priority is the safe return of the Vessel to Halifax. The Towing contract is the responsibility of Public Works, and they are evaluating options for the return tow.

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1 thought on “Update on Athabaskan

  1. iroquois280

    The Elm is their biggest coastal tug well suited for the job.If they would need bigger Atlantic Birch II would be an option.Fir will be a good escort with her maneuverability.Atlantic Towing will get the job done…


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