Row the South Shore

The Row the South Shore’ project involves building and rowing a traditional dory over

150 nautical miles from Halifax to the Lahave River and back. The Project was concieved and is being executed by Peter L’Esperance. The boat is currently under construction at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and will be launchedJuly 1st , 2013. The rowing passage will take place between August 1st and 17th , 2013.
The principle aim of this project is to promote and facilitate conservation in Nova Scotia. However, a secondary aim is to provide businesses and individuals with an opportunity to offset the negative environmental impacts associated with their activities. 
Prior to departure, Peter will seek sponsors and donate any funds raised to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, an organization which works on a variety of fronts to preserve areas of strategic ecological importance across Nova Scotia. Following the completion of the trip, the newly constructed dory will be sold and the proceeds donated to the Nature Trust.

The Vesssel itself is A Swampscot Dory. You can find out more about the project on the Row the South Shore Facebook Page.

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