Did the CCGS Louis St Laurent Spend its fuel budget already?

After a previous post  mentioned concerns about icebreaking delays impacting shipping; and the fact that the Largest CCGS Ice breaker was tied up for the past month, A reader emailed me to say that As a result of heavier ice then in recent years, the Louis St. Laurent has already spent their fuel budget, and are waiting for the budget year to roll over March 31.

The Louis St. Laurent Burns fuel at a rate 80 cubic meters per day breaking ice. 80cu m is aprox 80000 liters /day.  Given that recent years have been light on ice, the budget was likely lower then what it should have been for a full ice year.  Being the largest and oldest ship in the fleet, high full consumption is not surprising.

UPDATE: I received 2 notes to say that its actually more likely to 80 cubic Meters and not 80 cubic feet. I corrected the post.

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