Orient Dispatch for CFIA inspection

Spring is here, with the first CFIA Gypsy Moth Inspection. Vessels entering Canadian waters for areas where gypsy moths exist are required to provide documentation that the ship is Moth Free. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency then inspects ships to ensure compliance. The moths build nests in Nooks on vessels and on containers, and can then spread into local areas. The moths exist in Canada, however they are restricted to certain regions. (Nova Scotia is one, Parts of Ontario..)

The handysize Bulker Orient Dispatch arrived at anchor last night, and will sail late this morning. Built by Hyundai Mippo, in Ulsan, South Korea, she is new, having been built in 2013. She is owned and operated by InterOrient of Cyprus.

Handysize refers to vessels under 50000dwt, as their smaller size allows them to enter most ports, and they are typically also geared. Orient Dispatch comes in at 36000dwt.

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