From the Archives – Port William NS.

Port Williams today is home to a number of Breweries, Distilleries and wineries. As you cross the Bridge over the Cornwallis river, On your Right, is a run down dock. That dock was once heavily used, and as the photos below show ships simply sat on the bottom when the tide was out.

The practice evidently had a long history, as an earlier postcard shows smaller Sailing vessels sitting on the bottom earlier.

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3 thoughts on “From the Archives – Port William NS.

  1. Rev. Quincy Collins

    My thanks for posting these! As a teenager I boarded one of those freighters with friends and had a crewmate chastise us for entering his home. That of course is what we were unwittingly doing. We forgot the,” Permission to come aboard, Sir.” That was 1971-2. Now, 67 I am trying my first serious train layout of Lower Avonport in 1930 when L.E. Shaw Brick was in operation along with a vibrant apple industry. Your photos gave me a great deal of detail! My thanks for posting. Quincy

  2. Richard DeWolfe

    I remember being in Port Williams watching a ship dock. It stuck it’s bow in the opposite bank, spun 180 degrees and then backed into the berth/wharf. I forgot what has loaded, but I watched it float up and leave the following day…this was probably 1970-74….

  3. Bill Hamm

    I remember a vessel sailing into Port William wharf on Christmas day about 1955-1962.
    I am searching for photos of any ships tied up at the wharf in high/low tide.


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