Coast Guard Icebreaker, Balder Viking’s New Name revealed.

Noticeably absent from the announcement yesterday by Davie of the re-floating of the Balder Viking was the ships new Coast Guard name.

I’m told this ship will be named the CCGS Captain Molly Kool – Named after the the first woman In North America to hold a Master Mariner License. The ship will be Commissioned in St. John’s

Wikipedia has a brief biography of her life.

Update – the ship was imported and registered as Balder Viking, and it has not yet been renamed. i also goofed and used Vidar viking as the name, not balder – these points have been corrected.

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3 thoughts on “Coast Guard Icebreaker, Balder Viking’s New Name revealed.

  1. Robert Rutherford

    If the two ships currently shown in Davieship’s drydock are Tor Viking and Balder Viking, then surely the new CCGS Captain Molly Kool is the former Vidar Viking.


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