Eastbound EC5 x2

Left: Shanghai Trader at the east birth Right: Dalian Express at the West birth

The Dalian Express is making her east bound stop on the EC5 service. She was last here a few weeks ago heading westbound. Joining her at the east end of Fairview Cove is the Shanghai Trader, which sailed from Bremmerhaven, and appears to have made east bound stops in Savannah and New York in place of the Yantain express.

Shanghai Express

Shanghai Trader’s trip is extra odd, since at least 3 eastbound vessels have called on these cities in the eastbound direction. typically east bound are a large number of empty containers due to to trade in balances between Asia and North America. the Deck Load, and the ship being so high out of the water suggests it is loaded mostly with empties.

Dalian Express
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