Bella Vita – Big Yacht

The Bella Vita spent a few days at tall ships Quay, before sailing for Lunenburg Saturday Morning. At 255′ in length, she is the largest purpose built yacht to call in Halifax. The largest yacht to Call in Halifax was the Lone Ranger, which then belonged to a google co-founder, and converted from a ocean going tug.

Bella Vita was reportedly owned by John Risley of Clearwater seafood fame, though it is now available for charter for $640,000us/week +fuel and food.

Most yachts that call in Halifax are in the 130′ range or smaller, though some of the sailing yachts have reached 180′

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3 thoughts on “Bella Vita – Big Yacht

  1. Ryan F

    Peter, I’m a bit confused with the wording in here.
    “she is the largest purpose built yacht to call in Halifax, bested by the Lone Ranger” That makes Bella Vita the 2nd largest?
    And you say it belongs to a Google co-founder, who is John Risely with Clearwater Seafood?

    1. Peter Post author

      Lone Ranger is larger, but was converted from an Ocean Going Tug – so it was not built as a yacht. its first owner was a google co founder.
      so Bella Vita is the largest Purpose built yacht to call on halifax. It was previously owned by John Risley, who runs Clearwater Seafood. Clearwater is a large producer of various seafoods, and is well know in NS. they operate a sizeable fleet of Fishing Vessels.

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