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On Board the Asterix

As part of Defsec Atlantic, Federal Fleet and Hepburn Engineering, the Toronto based company that supplied the RAS gear were offering tours of the ship at Pier 23.

ships cranes
ras posts
Ras Gear – all the winches are below deck
RAS Equipment below deck.
Cargo Hatch
View from the Bridge
Cargo handling space
Inside one of the 2 hangers
Helepad from flyco.
Accommodation Space.
the bridge.
Coning position. Ships wheel and throttle.
Bridge Wing Console
Upper deck aft of the bridge
Ras operations console. there are 4 of these – one for each ras point.

Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

Most of the functioning Royal Navy was out of port. What remained was laid up or undergoing work periods.

Admiralty Pilot Boat.
This tanker is storing the RN’s Fuel Supply. Shore tanks are being refurbished.
HMS Diamond, a Type 45 Destroyer in Drydock
Another Type 45 having work done
Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster
HMS Bristol, a type 82 destroyer and the only one of her class. she is now a training ship.
River Class OPV
HMS Mersey, a River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel
Sandown Class mine sweeper
RFA Diligence – A forward repair vessel. its reportedly for sale.
this is the ammunition jetty. the barges move armaments form the shore based bunkers to this pier in the middle of Portsmouth harbour.

CSS Acadia Dry Docking

The Province has released the RFP for the Dry docking of the CSS Acadia. the CSS Acadia was built in 1913, and is 106 years old. The much needed work was announced last December.

The Scope of work includes Sandblasting and repainting the hull, Testing and replacement of Steel less then 1.4″ thick, Replacement of a hatch cover, replacement of a fuel tank, improved access to the engine room, and some restoration and maintenance work.

the ship is to be towed to a shipyard, and when returned, will be docked bow in.

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