Deep Panuke Platform Aground

I have been told that the Deep Panuke platform, Bound for sheet harbour to be recycled on board the Boa Barge 34, have hit bottom outside sheet harbour.

Marine traffic shows a number of tugs working in the area. The chart shows several shallower areas, that could cause problems for the tow. Weather shows a Gale warning, with 3-4m seas forecast tomorrow, with winds of 40knots.

More to Follow.

UPDATE: Atlantic Hemlock looks to have sailed to Assist.

UPDATE Dec 15 1000: it looks like the platform was unstuck on this mornings high tide, and is now moving into Sheet harbour.

UPDATE Dec 16: There was speculation that the platform may have hit bottom again, however Deep Panuke is now against the dock in Sheet harbour. tugs Atlantic Larch, Atlantic Elm, Atlantic Hemlock and Point Chubucto were involved in the move. A crew member on board the Larch reported via Facebook post, that there was no bottom contact today, but the entry into the Harbour required waiting on a couple tide changes.

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5 thoughts on “Deep Panuke Platform Aground

  1. Margo

    FAKE NEWS and on behalf of those with a family member on this mission, SHAME ON YOU!
    You owe everyone who has read this and worried an explanation and an apology.

    1. Peter Post author

      I received credible information that the rig contacted bottom, and that appears to be backed up by tug movements observable on AIS. If you have other information, you are welcome to provide it, and ill update the post accordingly.

        1. Peter Post author

          Again, If you have information contrary to what i reported, happy to update the post. I was told it struck bottom. I observed tug movements consistent with what I was told. if that’s wrong, and you know otherwise, enlighten me as to what was really going on, so I can share it with my readers.

          I’m not trying to mislead anyone,and provide the most accurate information that I can.


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