Learn CPR.

For those who follow on Twitter, yesterday, after the province announced that every school would be equipped with an AED, I asked if we taught CPR in schools. – We Don’t.

I first learned CPR in Grade 8, back in 1994, in school. We should, its a life skill. Its also important if we want to improve outcomes for patients who suffer sudden cardiac arrest.

Bystander CPR is Critical. If you see someone collapse, and call 911, it will take at least 5 minutes for help to arrive.

The chances of survival decrease by 10% for every minute without CPR. This Video can teach you to do effective CPR in about 2 minutes.

You – probably have a few questions:

Q: is that it?
yes it is. Studies have shown that rapid CPR is essential to improving survive ability of cardiac events. get the blood flowing again as fast as you can.

Q: what about breaths?
not that important. there is still quite a bit of oxygen in the blood, but it needs to circulate. Plus, breaths are gross – they subject you to communicable diseases, and people having cpr done to them tend to throw up.

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