Leo A MacArthur w/John J Carrick

The Articulated Tug/Barge combo Leo A MacArthur / John J Carrick arrived in Halifax last night for McAsphalt in Eastern Passage. Part of the miller group of companies, They operate a terminal for the handling of the liqued components for asphalt.

An Articulated tug an barge is two vessels designed to be more or less permanently connected and operate as one. The Barge connects to the tug via a notch, and the two vessels are held together by large Articulating pins. This setup is more common in the US, where a Tug w/tank barge requires a much smaller crew then a tug with a tank barge of the same size.

For an upclose look, the Captain at the time gave me a tour of the combination, the Tug then Operating under the name Victorious for the same owners.

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