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Macao Straight for Mefi

The Parade of new vessels for Melfi continues with a first call for Macao Straight. Built in 2008, she is part of the Rehder Reederei fleet, which seems to supply the majority of vessels used on Melfi’s route.

Macao Straight arrived yesterday afternoon and tied up at pier 41, using 2 tugs to turn due to the wind. She no departure listed as of yet.

Ocean Emerald for Melfi Lines

The Parade of vessels for Melfi continues, with the Ocean Emerald arriving yesterday. As of this morning, Cargo operations appear to have ended, so she is likely waiting out weather.

Melfi seems to run a parade of vessels, some vessels being stable on rotation, and others switching out every trip. Ships Jan S and Fritz Reuter seem to be the most stable, with the other 2 vessels floating.

Last Visit for the Renate Schulte

I have recived word that today is the Last stop in Halifax for the Renate Schulte. She is still suffering from a broken bow thruster, and needs more repair work.

She is due to be replaced by the Micheal A. The Michael A is a unique ship, in that it is run my a german outfit called Sky Sails, who outfit their ships with giant kites, to use the wind to save fuel.

You can find out more about the Michael A and her sky Sail at

Melfi Ship #3 this Week.

The third Melfi Lines vessel Vecht Trader arrived this morning and tied up at Pier 42. This is her first trip to Halifax, and is one of the vessels replacing Marwan/Teval who went to the scrappers earlier this year.

Renate Shulte sailed on Wendsday, and Heinrich J on Thursday, Both Bound for Havana Cuba.

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