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Dee4 Elm

The products tanker DEE4 ELM arrived form Ijmuiden, Netherlands yesterday and took to anchorage. its due to tie up at Irving Woodside this evening.

The Ship is owned by Dee4 Capital, and is manged as part of the Norient Product Pool. Registered in Singapore, Dee4 Elm was built in 2009.

Torm Voyager at Irving Woodside

the products tanker Torm Voyager arrived at Irving Woodside this evening. The Danish flagged tanker is carrying product from Irving Oil’s facility in the Netherlands. The ship Sailed from Ijmuiden on the 5th.

the ship was built in 2008.

Iver Prosperity at Pier 9

The tanker Iver Ambition tied up at pier 9. The ship is high out of the water and likely unloaded. The ship arrived on the 14th from Sept-Iles Quebec. The ship is likely here for bunkers, or a work period.

The trucks in the foreground are removing the giant salt pile at pier 9

Oil Delivery for Tufts Cove.

the tanker Larvik tied up at Tufts cove power plant Last night. the ship was previously in Freeport Bahamas, where is likely discharged some of its cargo which was loaded in New Orleans.

Tufts cove is receiving a top up of bunker C oil for the first time since 2019. the plant was built to burn Coal, then converted to oil, and also has natural gas powered turbines, and an additional generator that makes use of waste heat. The plant gets a Tanker every year or two.

AURVIKEN smells bad

The Crude Oil tanker Aurviken Arrived on the 12th and tied up at pier 9. it sailed yesterday around 6pm.

The ship sailed for the NuStar terminal in point Tupper with a load of crude form Libya. its stop in halifax was to load fuel for its cargo heating boiler.

Earlier in the afternoon, the ship was conducting an oil transfer which led to a strong chemically smell to blanket the north end. Heavy fuel oils need to be heated to flow, and this was reportley the source of the smell. the Port Authority ordered the ship to stop the transfer, and the smell dissipated.

The smell prompted numerous 911 calls, and the Halifax shipyard activated the fire alarm to evacuate their staff from the building while they figured out what was going on.

Crude Oil Tanker

The Ridgebury Lindy B arrived at anchorage 1 after discharging her load of crude oil in Saint John. The Ship spent 2 days in Halifax with divers from RMI working on the vessel.

the ship was built in 2007, and sailed this evening for Come By Chance NL. With the CLosing of the refineries in Dartmouth, crude oil tankers have become a rare sight in Halifax.

AlgoNorth at Pier 25

Algoma’s Newest tanker looks to have laid up at Pier 25. The ship sailed from Sarnia, and delivered a load of Product to the Imperial Oil terminal before moving to Pier 25.

The ship still carries its original red hull with white boot-top stripe from previous owners Swedish firm Alvtank Rederi , compared to the traditional Algoma tankers dark blue hull, with beige superstructure. Algoma acquired the vessel in 2018.

Front Cosmos at anchor in the Basin.

The Crude oil tanker has taken a far northern anchorage in the basin suggesting the ship is planning to stay a while while looking for its next gig. the ship arrived from Saint John NB after discharging its cargo.

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