Runway Repairs At YHZ

From Wednesday, August 7, until Tuesday, August 27, asphalt will be replaced at the intersection of the airport’s two runways. The work is necessary to maintain the integrity of this high-traffic area and to ensure long term safety and reliability.

 Following extensive weather research and analysis, the construction schedule was developed to minimize the risk of impacts on flights from weather conditions such as high winds or low visibility. The work is planned during a time when the lowest risk of weather impacts exists. However, unusual weather conditions may occur that have the potential to impact flight schedules and create delays. The Airport Authority is working with airlines to ensure that appropriate contingency plans are in place.

The location of the work requires that the airport’s secondary runway (14/32) be closed, the operational length of the main runway (05/23) will be shortened for the duration of the project and while other flight navigation aids will be operational, the instrument landing system on the main runway will be unavailable.

Halifax Stanfield’s main runway is 10,500 feet long. During the 21 days of construction, it will be shortened to just over 8,700 feet. Prior to the runway extension last year, this runway was 8,800 feet. Therefore, the reduced runway length should not be a factor for aircraft scheduled to land at Halifax Stanfield.

 Following a competitive tendering process, the construction contract was awarded to Cumberland Paving and Contracting of The Miller Group, Halifax Nova Scotia.

With Planes Landing Long, there should be some better photography opportunities

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