Various Mechanical Issues.

its been a bad week for Bulk Carries and Mechanical issues.

1. The John 1 Lost power and went aground off Rose Blanche Newfoundland.

2. The Rt Hon Paul E Martin Waited out weather in the outer Anchorage before proceeding  to Shelbourn Ship Repair with the tug Atlantic Fir with a drive issue.

3. The Bulker Pioneer arrived at National Gypsum, appeared to load cargo, and On Friday was cold moved to Pier 25, with her bow Heavily ballasted down. This morning she appears to have propeller  work going on.

 (Above) Work On Pioneers Propeller (Below) Pioneer Ballasted down forward.

4. the Bulker Persenk Arrived to repair Ice damage at Anchorage 7. Her propeller was bent causing a bad vibration. Divers removed pieces to re-balance it.

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