To save jobs the Halifax Shipyard should build a port in Dartmouth. Weekly News #21

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1.Local MP Hates the port..
the Feds reject port funding request for expansion.

2.Local MP Hates the port

Here is what i had to say in the herald

3.Local MP Hates the Port.
CBC Follows up. apparently it was a 500million ask that was rejected, however the port is still borrowing money to expand pier 41/42

4.This week in the Herald.

This week I talk about the shipyard, the competition for repair work, and how they may have shot themselves in the foot.

5. Ships Stay Here, and 1 more ship to start here?
from the Ottawa Citizen – Irving is hoping to keep all the Halifax Class repair work, and wants to build a 7th AOPS? the feds have contracted for 5, with incentives to lead to a 6th. Also Council has given its support to the Shipyard workers.

6.ABCO to build Landing Craft for AOPS

NS Built small boats will be carried on the new AOPS. the Baots will be built in Lunenburg.

7.Ship Selection Soon.

word is the feds will be choosing the design for the CSC by the end of the month. then negotiations will start. The 3 options were outlined into this post.


1. Bad Seamanship

2.Bad Seamanship


Oct 16, 1970 – CSS Hudson returned to Halifax, completing the first circumnavigation of the Americas

Oct 14, 1942 – SS Caribou torpedoed by U69 in the Cabot Strait. The Newfoundland ferry was traveling from Sydney to Port Aux Basques.  101 survivors, 137 passengers and crew are killed.

Oct 12, 1492 – Christopher Columbus sights his first landfall in the Americas at 2:00 am.

Oct 11, 1963 – HMCS Haida is paid off

Oct 11, 1942 – RCMP St. Roch entered halifax harbour, becoming the first vessel to transit the north west passage west to east.

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2 thoughts on “To save jobs the Halifax Shipyard should build a port in Dartmouth. Weekly News #21

  1. James Canteen

    Not sure if “Local MP hates the Port” is the right approach here. I get that you have a deep passion for the port, but there are plenty of arguments to suggest that it might be time to move Halterm over to Dartmouth.
    Increasing truck traffic through downtown is less than ideal, and frankly there’s much better infrastructure in place to support truck traffic on the Dartmouth side.
    The issue is not black and white and perhaps the inertia created by the historic location of the port needs to be examined, and perhaps altered.

    1. Peter Post author

      so here’s the thing – perhaps the port should move to Dartmouth. Perhaps something else should be done about trucks. – Im not against the conversation. but when Scott Brison said the funding was turned down, he cited traffic and best use of land as the reasons. both of these are hot topics in planning right now, and so have Fillmore’s name written all over it.

      the local MP needs to support the port. If the issue was really that the ports ask was too big, they should have said that up front. but they didnt. and they got called on it, and are now backpedaling. if 500million was too big an ask, will the feds support the 2+ billion required to move the port to Dartmouth? if he wont, then why have the conversation.

      Expanding the piers doesn’t necessarily bring more traffic to the port – it accommodates the larger ships that will replace the smaller ones we have calling already. I question the fiscal responsibility of turning a public asset over to developers, and replacing it at substantial cost.

      if the feds were so concerned about Halifax’s downtown, they shouldn’t have let the ralston building fall apart, and then move all the staff to bayers lake, or locate the RCMP HQ in burnside.


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