Falling from the sky, and other Weekly News #24

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0. Plane Crash

1.Hudson is old

CBC is reporting that the 55year old Hudson may qualify for OAS.

2. Cleanup Isle 3.
the CCGS removed oil form the Manois L. this is how they did it.

3.This week in the Herald
I talk about Atlantic Towing picking up west coast work with the coast guard, after they won a contract to provide 2 emergency towing vessels in BC. I also mention the shifting of bunkering to Saint John.

4.6th AOPS
On Friday the feds announced a 6th AOPS. Some say its politics, some say the navy needed the 6th boat to ensure readiness.

5. NS Sailing Conference
NS Sailing is holding its 4th annual conference Nov 17th, at Citadel Highschool.

6. Marblehead.
the Notice of Race for the 2019 Marblehead has been posted.


1.Walls of Olde.

2. Yarmouth Ferry.


Nov 7, 1910 – HMCS RAINBOW arrives Esquimalt for 1st time, the first RCN ship on the west coast.

Nov 7, 1872 –  The brigantine Mary Celeste, built in Spencer’s Island, NS, sailed from New York, bound for Genoa, Italy.

Nov 6, 1940 – HMCS Ottawa and HMS Harvester sink the Italian submarine Faa di Bruno. It was the RCN’s first submarine kill of the war.

Nov 4, 1940 -The Armed Merchant Cruisers Laurentic and Patrolus were sunk off Iceland by U-99

Nov 3, 1942 – Canadian merchant ship Chr. J. Kampmann was sunk by u-boat attack while carrying a cargo of sugar and rum.


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