Maersk Niteroi – 2 service calls in one stop

Maersk Niteroi made an appearance on the Maersk weekly Call on Sunday

The ship Arrived as the final Stop of  the Montreal Mediterranean Express – the service began in July, but is quietly ending, whit no more trips being scheduled after December. The ship sailed for Bremerhaven, and will make stops in Antwerp and Rotterdam, making the return trip from Montreal as the Eastbound CAE service (With Halifax as the second call on that route). after this trip,  Maersk Niteroi will go into northern European service.

Maersk appears to be cycling some ships around, so  schedule slots seem to be filled by random vessels for a trip or two. Another new vessel will be calling next week – but more on that next week.

Maersk Niteroi was built in 2009, and is rated at 2592 TEU.


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One thought on “Maersk Niteroi – 2 service calls in one stop

  1. Bruno Boissonneault

    The MMX service will no longer call in Halifax Eastbound for the moment, it is still running to Montreal. The rotation now has two additional port calls in the MED. Montreal- Algecieras-Salerno-La Spezia-Fos, Algecieras and Tangierto Montreal.


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