Next week on Discovery – Nautical Mayday

One of my pet peeves, is that the Discovery show “Mayday” is almost exclusively about Plane Crashes. Yah Yah, the show is called “Air Crash Investigation” in other countries, but there have been 2 episodes involving trains – a 1989 derailment in California that led to a pipeline explosion, and the 1986 Hinton train collision. Sure plane crashes make good TV, but there are so many other Transportation disasters that would make good episodes.

Given the Number of nautical disasters, it always struck me as odd that the show never covered shipping. Well now the folks at discovery have. Disasters at Sea premieres April 16th

From Discovery:

Each episode of DISASTERS AT SEA tells the unimaginable true story of a maritime disaster, combining harrowing re-enactments with expert analysis from marine investigators. Whether it’s survivor testimony about a sudden sound, GPS data about the ship’s speed, or the scatter pattern of wreckage at the bottom of the ocean, each piece of evidence helps investigators build a dramatic picture of the deadly chain of events.

Armed with the newly-discovered facts uncovered by investigators, archival footage is combined with evocative re-enactments, CGI, and special effects to immerse viewers in each story and dramatically convey the catastrophic events. Each episode delivers a suspenseful journey into one of the deadliest jobs on the planet, the working men and women who choose this dangerous life, and the marine investigators who work tirelessly to help make the high seas a safer place.

See Nautical Mayday.

you can tune in into Disasters at Sea premiere April 16th at 10pm ET / 11pm ATL, after Deadliest Catch.
The First episode looks at the sinking of the Derbyshire, a bulk carrier that went down in the South China Sea in September 1980 with all hands.

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