AOPS Updates

The Boa Barge 37 was spun around at the shipyard today, in preparation of launching AOPS #2. With 2 coasting trade applications, the barge can be used between Oct 17 and Dec 23. an extension was requested, as the original application ended on Nov 17. The SPMT Transporters are also on site, and assembled.

Finally, word is the future HMCS Harry DeWolf, will begin sea trials this Friday. the ABCO landing craft is also sitting on the pier. its a good looking boat.

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3 thoughts on “AOPS Updates

  1. Robert Muir

    These ships will be on the front line in the arctic. Am I alone in thinking that they could use a gun at least twice as potent, as well as air and submarine defences of some sort?

    1. Peter Post author

      yah thats been a big debate. Anti-sub warfare is done via Helicopter for the most part – it carries a cyclone. there is also a containerized towed sonar array being tested, so its actually a decent ASW Platform.

      As for a bigger gun? yah – im not sure why they didnt put the 57mm of the frigates on there, or the type that was on the Iroquos class (used by the USCG)

      1. Andre Mylocopos

        Agreed. Even though these ships appear to have been more of a political than military project, they both could have striven to enhance the lethality of the platform. We know that the official term being bandied about is “constabulary role”, they could have equipped it with a 57mm AS/AA gun, a RAM battery and keep the 25mm as a small platform/AA weapon. Even with a containerized sonar array + helicopter dipped sonar, these ships require ASub torpedoes. Hopefully they will procure some.

        Note: DND should pull the 25mm’s and mount them on the Kingston class which are basically unarmed 1000 tonne warships!


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