The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea state who has the right of way. Everyone below you on this list must give way to you. In Halifax, a container ship usually falls under #6

1. Not Under Command
2. Restricted in Ability to Manoeuvre
3. Constrained by Draught
4. Fishing
5. Under Sail
6. Under Power
7. Seaplane

Lets also remember the Red Green Principle “Im in my van, he’s in his pinto, who has right of way?” – this principle is how merging works in NYC – im bigger so i have right of way.

Dont do this.. Despite what the colregs say, the Red green Principle wins.


New Container Business to Halifax

From The Chronicle Herald

The CKYH Alliance, which includes shipping lines COSCO, K-Line, Yang Ming and Hanjin, announced a new all-water express service that will connect Halifax with the Far East. The weekly service, scheduled to start in Halifax May 3, will have eight K-Line vessels each with a capacity for 3,850 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units).


This Follows a previous announcement:

CMA CGM announces new Port of Halifax service

Halifax, NS – January 29, 2009 – CMA CGM, the world’s 3rd largest container shipping company, has announced plans to initiate a new service which includes a regular call at the Port of Halifax.

The fortnightly service will connect Canada and the USA with the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Australasia. In particular, Canada, the US Midwest and the East Coast of the US will be connected via CMA CGM’s Kingston, Jamaica hub to a broad range of North-South and East-West trade routes.

Halifax is the only Canadian port of call on the new service. The inaugural call of the “Black Pearl” service to the Port of Halifax is scheduled for Monday, February 23rd. Container handling services for CMA CGM vessels will be provided by Halterm Container Terminal Limited.


Oceanex Sanderling on European Vacation

I received an email tonight, from a new reader.. Amoung other things, she said “

I’ve passed the link on to my friend in Wallsend, UK, (on the River Tyne, home of shipbuilding) who lives a stone’s throw from what used to be the Swan Hunter Shipyards – now just acres and acres of rubble. He’s a shipspotter too and was surprised one day to see the Oceanex Sanderling on the Tyne. It then went to Europe and is still not back.

From Shipspotting.com I found out that She is at the A&P Yard at Hebburn for repair. I’m not sure what for though, Sanderling shows on the Oceanex Schedule for mid April, so I’d imagine She’ll be back soon..
Photo of the Sanderling, As Seen In St. John’s NF, Jan 2008

The Cabot Recently Under went a refit at Halifax Shipyards and appears to be covering Sanderlings route.

And for Good Measure, the 3rd Oceanex Ship, Oceanex Avalon, Seen Departing St. John’s NF, Jan 08