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Fairwell WEC Majorelle

The ex AFL New England  – now WEC Majorelle sailed today for Casablanca after perforoming a compass swing at anchorage 1.

She was sold at auction to cover unpaid bills of her former operator American Feeder Lines. She has a contractual deadline to be out of port by Tomorow as a condition of Sale.

VIETNAM EXPRESS has issues..

The Container Ship VIETNAM EXPRESS has been in Halifax since 0830 on September 8th. Given that container ships typically stop for a few Hours, there is some sort of issue going on.

Its possible/probable there is a mechanical issue, though it is also posible Vietnam Express has been detained due to Port State Control (Safety Issues) or a Stowaway Issue.


The SAUDI DIRIYAH arrived and Tied up at Pier 27 just after noon. She will sail late this afternoon. Vessels from the National Shipping line of Saudi Arabia make monthly (or as required) calls to Halifax. They simalar to ACL in they carry both Container and Ro-Ro Traffic

UPDATE: She Departed at 2200 for Port Said Egypt

Nils B is Small

The container ship Nils B has recently taken over the Halifax – St. Pierre run. Her small size is especially evident today as she tied up at pier 41, since her usual birth at pier 36 is occupied by Oceanx Sanderling, Which requires the RO-Ro Ramp.

Morning Traffic: Reykjafoss

Eimskip Contatiner vessel Reykjafoss arrived this morning for Pier 36. A regular caller, she serves iceland, and travels between North America (Norfolk, Boston, Halifax, Argentia), Reykjavik Iceland and Sortland Norway. All Eimskip Vessels are named after waterfalls in Iceland.

Her sister vessel Skogafoss was recently here for Maintinance at woodside.

Multiple Maersk’s

Halterm saw two Maersk vessels today at pier 42 and Pier 36. Maersk Palermo (bellow) tied up at Pier 36, and Maersk Pembroke tied up at Pier 42. Maersk calls weekly in Halifax, usually on a Saturday, but it is rare to have 2 of the 4 vessels that regularly call in on the same day.

Both vessels sailed around 1700 today

Stuttgart Express has a Bunker Leak

The Container Ship Stuttgart Express has been tied up at fairview cove for the Past 50 Hours.  I Have been informed by a reader that she has suffered from a Bunker leak inside her cargo hold. This would no doubt be a time consuming repair given the cleanup that is likely required.

File Photo

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