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American Feeder Lines Ends Service

The AFL New England is Currently Anchored in the Bedford Basin, and has been for the past two weeks. American Feeder Lines has pulled the service citing low traffic, and loss of backing by German Investors (Who are un named, but probably related to Hapag Lloyd)

The File Photo above shows her departing with a visible container load, which was an frequent occurrence. There is no word yet on what becomes of the vessel, which is chartered, and Flagged in the UK.

AFL’s Service began in June of last year

UPDATE: Halifax Shipping news has made some Inquieries as to the Legal/financial status of American Feeder Lines to AFL, the Port Authority, and AFL New England’s Agent. Stay Tuned.

Nils B on the St Piere Run?

As reported at Shipfax, Fusion, the regular vessel on the Halifax to St. Piere and Miquelon run has sailed for Spain. In Her place is the Nils B, A small container ship with BBC Shipping.
Her first apperance was last week, and she arrved again this morning. Besides containers on deck, She can carry a variety of cargo in her holds including bulk and break bulk cargos.

First Call as Dallas Express

Another first time caller (Kind of) to Halifax, Dallas Express arrived and tied up at Fairview Cove.

This Vessel is the former Antwerpen Express who was a regular in Halifax. She Emerged as Dallas Express early this year after emerging from Dry Dock in Hong Kong.

Best guess is that a new vessel will be named Antwerpen Express in the Near future.

Pusan on PAX

The Container vessel Pusan is currently inbound for Fairview Cove. As Reported in December, This vessel is Joining the Hapag Lloyd PAX Service. but still retains Its odd original name, since it lacks the Express suffix in her name. A Quick search shows she began her life as Pusan Senator, and as of March 2011 was operating as MSC Kenya.

This is Pusan’s first visit to Halifax.

Atlantic Cartier is broken

Scheduled to move for trials in the basin this morning, Atlantic cartier remains at the pier. The tugs Atlantic Larch and Willow have left, and It appears Atlantic Compass is anchoring in the Basin waiting for the birth to clear.

Sources have indicated that the Engine on Atlantic Cartier is not functioning, and she would need to be moved as a dead ship to clear the pier which presumably requires more then 2 tugs.

2 additional new vessels on PAX Service

OOCL Shanghai, Currently at anchor in the outer anchorage, is due tomorrow for Fairview. She is a new vessel server the the OOCL/Hapag-llyod Pacific East Coast Express service. Other recent additions were covered in a December Post.

Probably the most exciting news is that Halifax Express will Call in Halifax for the first time, March 19. I believe this will be a newly chartered vessel as i can find no record of her currently.

New Vessels On Hapag Lloyd PAX Service

Looks like Hapag Lloyd has rotated a couple of vessels calling on Halifax.
Today Marks a first time appearance for Rio De Jenaro Express. Lacking the Distinctive Hapag Lloyd markings, she is a relatively new charter from Seaspan.

Another New Vessel scheduled to appear on the run is the Pusan. Its an odd name, since it appears to be lacking the Express part of her name. A Quick search shows she began her life as Pusan Senator, and as of March 2011 was operating as MSC Kenya. She is Due Feb 20. – By this time she may acquire an “express” name

Standing in Line

With Atlantic Compass entering the Narrows outbound, OOCL Antwerp and Oakland Express Had to wait in the inner harbour for her to pass. Large vessels are restricted one direction at a time due to the Narrow passage to avoid collisions. (This rule came into effect as a result of the 1916 Halifax Explosion)

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