Cold Day at the Pier

 (Above) Zim New York Backing into Pier 41. It was a cold Operation for the Pilot, with -22 temps with the wind chill, they were well bundled out on the bridge wing. (Below)

 Hienrich J (below) Occupied Pier 42. She Appears to be unladden, so I would imagine she will be loading today. She waited out the Holiday yesterday at the dock. She and the Renate Schulte both sail for the Melfi Lines, But with Renate Schulte Damaged, She managed to catch up. She is scheduled to Sail Tomorrow. The  third Melfi Ship VECHT TRADER is also due to arrive tommorow.


ZIM Savannah

Zim Savannah Tied up at Pier 35. Since Zim Ships usually tie up at Pier 41/42 i rarely get pictures. Pier 41 is Occupied By K-Lines Tsing Ma Bridge, and 42 is Blocked by construction.

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