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PCTC at Fairview?!?

The PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier) Osaka Car tied up at Fairview Cove this morning. Typically these vessels carry cars and trucks and tie up at Autoport in Eastern Passage. It is likely she is Delivering some sort of other large cargo, that is unsuitable for the facilities at Autoport. (Which is also occupied by Faust this morning)

ACL offers regular RORO (roll on roll off) service from Fairview cove. You can often see the Large cargoes sitting on the pier, and recently have included everything from industrial machinery to Helicopters.

UPDATE: She sailed just after Noon, As scheduled.

and they’re back…

HMCS Charlottetown Arrived back in port just after 5pm..
Not sure why..

they are currently proceeding through the narrows to the basin.

The ship was sent to the Degausing Range to deal with a Magnetic field, which can cause problems with mines. As of 11pm, she had departed.

Twas a dark and Stormy Night

High Winds again kept ships in and Away from Halifax Harbour.
Ferry passengers had a Fun Commute home, with locals complaining via Facebook of sea-sickness.

Canada Express and Atlantic Compass Both Sailed at 9am. Moleson Bunkered and sailed just after noon.

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