Its Nautical outside – Weekly News #19

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1.Naming Ceremony
the future HMCS Harry Dewolf will actually become HMCS Harry Dewolf in a ceremony at Halifax Shipyards on October 5th. A bottle of NS Sparkling Wine will be broken on her bow.

2. This week in the Herald

I talk about container line service changes, and port state control.

3. Ferries
the Rita Joe arrived in halifax over the weekend. Compare the Old and New ferries Wheelhouses. the Woodside 1 (From 1987) and the Christopher Stannix from 2014

Notable Moves

HMCS Moncton sailed on the 28th for Baltimore for fleet week, which runs Oct 3-9. HMS Monmouth, which is working with the new RN Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth II off Norfolk, will also be in attendance.


1.Mega block
We caught the Rollout out of the Center megablock of AOPS #2. there is a time lapse Video.

2.Compass House

The flower class corvette, like HMCS Sackville, originally had a short Foc’sal and an enclosed compass house on the bridge. when the foc’sal was lengthened, the compass houses were removed. One still survives today in liverpool.


October 3 1914 –  The first members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force sailed from Halifax.

Oct 2 1758 – The Legislature of NS passes an Act to Build the Sambro Island Light.

October 1marked the 77th birthday of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Sept 28 2003 – Just before midnight, Hurricane Juan hits halifax.

Sept 27 1938- The great passenger liner Queen Elizabeth was launched at Clydebank, Scotland.

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