Monthly Archives: May 2022

Maiden Call for Ocean Explorer

Ocean Explorer made its maiden call to Halifax yesterday. Operated by Vantage Cruises, the ship was built in 2021, and features a distinct Ulstine X-bow design. the ship features 77 cabins with a capacity of 162 guests. the ship was built to sail expedition type cruises, and will sail the arctic and southern oceans.

Also in today, is Ocean Navigator returned for another Call, having been the first arrival this cruise season. Despite the similar names, and paint schemes, Ocean Navigator and Ocean Voyager (which also called last week) are operated by American Queen Voyages. the ships are slightly larger, carrying upto 202 passengers, and take their styling form the American Riverboat.

NYK Rumina gets inspected

The April 25th Call of NYK Rumina seems to have drawn the attention of the CBSA, which appeared to have a dive boat alongside. A Crewman can be seen on the deck, and a line is running from the Rumina to the CBSA’s Vessel.

NYK Rumina sailed on Schedule, so its unclear if the inspection revealed anything, nor is it known if the vessel was specifically targeted, or if this was part of normal customs operations.

The CBSA uses divers and ROV’s to search the underside of ships for Contraband. In a 2018 case, smugglers used divers to pack the sea chest of a Maersk vessel. Divers attempted to recover the drugs in Montreal, but abandoned the attempt, and were eventually caught in Halifax.

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