The HMCS Kootenay explosion

40 years ago today, one of the worst Canada’s worst peacetime naval tragities occured. During A routine high speed pass, HMCS Kootenay suffered a gearbox explosion killing 9 crew, and injuring several more.

Addtional Coverage and Background:
CBC Archive Footage of Kootenay (with Saguney and Bonaventure
HMCS Kootenay survivors mark 40th anniversary
Hazegray’s Account of the Explosion
Taking stock of Canada’s worst peacetime naval disaster


HMCS Sackville Salutes HMCS Toronto

Update May 18 2009:
HMCS Sackville fires its main gun in memory of Rear Admiral William Moss Landymore. Rear Admiral Landymore served in the navy for 33 years and was recognized for his wartime service during the Battle of the Atlantic. His ashes were spread outside Halifax Harbour during a committal ceremony aboard HMCS Toronto on May 1.


Search Resumes for Franklin Expedition

The CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier will begin a 6 week search on Aug 18th for the remains of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror which are believed to have become stranded in ice in 1848, causing Franklins crew to set off over land to seek help. Over the last 150 years, numerous attempts have located some bodies, and other artifacts, but never the actual ships themselves. 
Painting above is the HMS Terror in the Arctic during the winter of 1836/1837 and from the National Maritime Museum
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