USS Nicholas (FFG-47)

USS Nicholas (FFG-47)Put in to port today and headed right for the Oil dock at Imperial Oil for bunkers. this will be a short trip, she is shcheduled to depart later this afternoon.

USS Nicholas is a Oliver Hazard  Perry Class Frigate, and was commisioned in 1983, and is named for Major Samuel Nicholas, the first commanding officer of the United States Marines. She is returning home from a deployment in the Medeterainian.


Upcoming warship visits.

todays arrival of HMS Scott leads off a Busy week of Warship visits to Halifax.

Frigate USS Nicholas is an Oliver Hazzard Perry Class vessel, and was recently deployed in the medeteraininan. She is shceduled to tie up directly at IOL, and depart after fueling.

USCGC Eagle, The US Coast Guards tall ship is due on the 19th.


Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force Visitors

For the second time in recent memory, the JMSDF is on a world training tour, and making a stop in Halifax. The JMSDF undertakes to tours to give crews extended sea time. The three vessels arrived yesterday, and moved to the dockyard this morning. The ships Kashima, Shirayuki and Isoyuki will be in Halifax until Thursday, July 11.

(Above) JS SHIRAYUKI in the Anchorage this morning prior to moving to the dockyard. JS KASHIMA had already moved, but was here on the last trip August 2011.

The three-day port visit from the force’s Training Squadron is part of a five-month, 18-country tour fostering intercontinental goodwill.

As a part of the visit, local residents and media are invited to experience Japanese culture through world-class performances by the Squadron’s drum band at Grand Parade Square at 4 p.m. on July 9. Ship tours will be available to the public from 1:30-3:30 p.m. July 8-9 at Her Majesty’s Canadian Dockyard Halifax.


USCGC Morro Bay for a visit.

USCGC Morro Bay is a Bay Class Icebreaker, Homeported in New London, CT. She is 140′ long, ans was built in 1981. She arrived Saturday for a visit, and will be departing tommorow, June 4th. Unlike Most USCG vessels visiting, she is tied up at Tall Ships Quay, and not at the dockyard.
Bay Class vessels are stationed mainly in Northeast U.S. and Great Lakes. Although specifically desinged for ice breaking duties, they also perform law enforcement, environmental protection, search & rescue operations and support for aids to navigation activities.

WTGBs use a low-pressure-air hull lubrication or bubbler system that forces air and water between the hull and ice. This system improves icebreaking capabilities by reducing resistance against the hull, reducing horsepower requirements.


FGS Planet – here for a working visit

FGS Planet is here for more then just a visit. As a research vessel she is the german equivalent to our own CSAV Quest. She has some time scheduled on the sound range in Bedford Basin  On the 26th  from and again overnight on the 27th between 2200 to 0800 on the 28th.

 Quest spent some time in Europe last year working on various research projects.


Upcoming Warship Visits

The Coming days will bring 2 warship visits to Halifax.

The first will the German Navy Research vessel FGS Planet, Due to Arive on may 25th. Built as a Swath Design, She is incredibly stable in rought sea states. SWATH technology was developed by a Canadian, Frederick G. Creed in the 1930’s. The Canadian Coast Guard has a Research vessel (Its only swath Design) named after him. thanks to Seawaves for the tip.

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The Second vessel, will be a US Navy vessel for the annual memorial day commemorations at deadmans Island, on May 27th.

UPDATE> RCN News Mag is reporting the Japanese navy is on another training tour, and will be visiting Halifax July 8-11.


French Warship FS Aquitaine visits Halifax

Today brought the arival of the French Warship FS Aquitaine. The Aquitaine is the first of a new class of warship, and is on a long cruise as part of her trials. Her previous stop was in Norfolk Virgina.

The FREMM European multimission frigate is a joint build program with France and Italy as initial buyers/developers. Between them, 21 FREMM frigates will be built. An Addtional Frigate for Moroco will be delivered this year.

for more see the article at Naval Technology

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