Top 10 Warship Visits

Halifax is the Home to Canada’s East Coast Navy. As a result, We get lots of Warship Visits. Here are the Top 10, However you can see them all with the Visiting Ships Tag.

1. HMS Dauntless (D33)

2. USS New Mexico – After surfacing at the pole

3. USCGC Morro Bay USCG Icebreaking Tug.

4. USS Fort Worth LCS-3  the Second LCS of the Type. The First LCS USS Freedom also stopped by

5. HDMS Esbern Snare Danish Command Ship.

 6. PLAN Zheng He – First Chinese Vessel Visit for Halifax.

 7. HMS Scott – British Royal Navy Survey Vessel.

8.San Giusto Italian Amphibious Assault Ship

9. USS Wasp American Amphibious Assault Ship

10.HDMS Ejnar Mikkelson – Danish Arctic Patrol Vessel.


French Naval Survey Vessel FS Laplace to visit in July.

Reports are that the French Navy Hydrographic Survey Ship FS Laplace will be updating the Surveys around the French Islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. As prt of the voyage, there will be port visit in Halifax for July 1.

A member of the The Lapérouse class of Hydrographic survey ships,  The three ships in class were commissioned into the French Navy between 1988 – 1991.

A791 Lapérouse
A792 Borda
A793 Laplace

The French Naval/Coastguard presence in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is handled by Fulmar, (Second Post)who makes a regular July stop in Halifax, Usually for Canada Day, or the Start of RNSYS’s Halifax – Saint Pierre race.

Other recent French Naval Visits include stops by Destroyer FS Aquitaine; Tug Malabar;and Sail Training Vessels Belle Poule and Étoile;

USS New Mexico in for port visit.

The virginia class attack sub uss New Mexico arrived this afternoon and tied up at shearwater. The sub based in Grotten CT, recently spent some time under the arctic ice including surfacing through the ice at a temporary base.

You can video of the surfacing at http://youtu.be/vwkKv5OAXwI

These photos were provided by a reader. Thanks!


Departing and Arriving Visitors

Yesterday saw the Departure of the FGS Bonn from the dockyard. Today brought the arrival of USCGC Campbell. Campbell was last in Halifax back in Nov 2011. Us Budget constraints have reduced visits by US vessels in Recent years.

Approximately 900 personnel from the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force are participating in a major fleet exercise this week until March 14, 2014, off the Eastern seaboard. This exercise will also see the contribution of United States Coast Guard vessel, USCG Campbell, and the Federal German Ship (FGS) Bonn, a Berlin-class replenishment ship

Participating units from Canada are Her Majesty’s Canadian (HMC) Ships Iroquois, Preserver, Ville de Quebec and Windsor, as well as a 14 Wing Greenwood CP-140 Aurora aircraft and a 12 Wing Shearwater CH-124 Sea King helicopter.  This specific exercise also aims to prepare HMCS Ville de Quebec to conduct pre-deployment training of a ship’s company in preparation for future naval deployments.


Suprise visit from FGS Bonn?

The German Replenishment ship FGS Bonn is currently outside the Harbour, and is likely here for a visit. Bonn is one of 3 Berlin Class AOR’s (Sister Frankfurt Am Main Has been to Halifax twice before) and the Model for Canada’s New Joint Support Ships.

UPDATE – She Appears to be circling and their is no Pilot Order. HMCS Ville De Quebec and Athabaskan are due to be exercising this week, and  HMCS Summerside sailed this morning, so this may all be related.

UPDATE: A reader from Portuguese Cove emailed to say that this afternoon FGS Bonn
“sends a small RIB to meet with our Atlantic Willow Tug  just off off Portuguese Cove today. The RIB then ,this afternoon, motors back out to the Bonn which then headed out to Sea.  it is again seen on the AIS site circling about 30 nm South of Halifax before resuming a southerly course.
AIS shows it’s last port as Reykjavik and shows no destination.”

He also Provided the Photo Above. Given the previous destination, its possible Bonn embarked an Ice Pilot for the trip to Halifax.


USCGC Eagle for Visit.

USCGC Eagle, The US Coast Guards Tall ship is Here for a Visit. She will Tie up at the Cable wharf, And will be open for tours.

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