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With the Yantain Express fire being on the verge of taking the second place spot for most popular post i thought it was worth mentioning the real second most popular post. Since moving the Site off Blogger, the Popular posts widget was reset. The 5th most popular post on the current site is more popular then all but the most popular post from the old host.

Asian Emperor DamagedFeb 17, 2014, 7788
Radioactive leak at Fairview CoveMar 13, 2014, 3142
John 1 aground off NewfoundlandMar 15, 2014, 2957
FS Monge – Rocket Tracking ShipOct 5, 2015, 2077
HMCS Iroquois to be Paid off May 1Mar 24, 2015, 1850

The Asian emperor was a car-carrier that had some cargo break free off halifax, and get trashed as it rolled about the hold. the ship was also carrying a number of custom order BMW’s which the owners were tracking online, and following the progress of the ship.

when it was delayed, they started posting in Car forums, and i started receiving anxious emails from people wondering if their car had survived.

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