Monthly Archives: June 2011

OOCL Hong Kong

OOCL Hong Kong Spent an hour in the inner harbour yesterday afternoon, presumably due to an issue with bridge clearances. OOCL Vessels usually pass with 2-3m (6-9′) of clearance, so a particularly high tide could delay passage. Checking the Tide Tables for yesterday, the Tide was ebbing (declining), and an hour delay would only be about 20cm. (8″).

Ships are often held if there is a potential Jumper on the bridge. This also would result in traffic Being stopped.

Barkald to National Gypsum

Barkald moved from pier 26 where she was performing maintaniance to load at National Gypsum at 1700. Prior to docking, she performed a compass swing. Compass swings involve sailing in a 360 Degree circle to determine the influence of metal parts of the ship on the Magnetic compass.

Atlantic Larch stands by to assist with docking.

Lady Christina for Bunkers

The general Cargo ship Lady Christina Arrived for bunkers this afternoon. She is Relatively small at 108m LOA. She is owned by Wijnne Barends Logistics and registered in the Netherlands.

She has a rather unique crane on deck for handling hatches, and presumably Cargo as well.

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