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Hans and other Weekly News #33


UK tech site the register sent a reporter on a cruise on the royal navy survey ship Enterprise.

2. Your 240 Short.
The Container ship MSC Zoe lost 240 containers over the side in heavy weather.

Montreal longshoreman voted 99.5% in favour of striking. the vote is merely symbolic, as they are under mediation until the end of February, and the vote is only valid for 60 days. Another vote would need to be held.

In other Montreal news – the port is limited by geography.


5. its Ours!
Hans Island Dispute to be sorted out by Task Force.

the brits plan to launch an expedition to Antarctica to find Shackleton’s ship endurance.



Jan 9, 1978 – A severe storm strikes the east coast, causing a great deal of destruction and coastal flooding from Virginia to Nova Scotia.
Jan 8, 1943 – The first tanker convoy from Trinidad to North America was attacked by a U-boat Wolf Pack. seven of the nine tankers were sunk.

New Year, New Weekly News #32


1.Lost yacht
A racing yacht abandoned 8 years ago has been found afloat off Australia.

2. Herald Column
This week in the Herald, I look back at the year 2018. rest assured the usual Year in review post with links to all the stories will be posted next week.

3.King of the Longshoreman
CBC spends time with a gantry crane operator at halter



Jan 3 1863 – a permanent covered skating rink opened in Halifax’s Horticultural Gardens — now known as the Public Gardens

Jan 2 1945 – Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay is killed in a plane crash. he oversaw the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Jan 1 1946 -The wartime Royal Canadian Navy Reserve (RCNR) & Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR) are officially merged & become the Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve)

Dec 30 1941 – HMCS SACKVILLE, Flower Class corvette, commissioned

An Abbreviated Xmas Holiday Weekly News #31

1.A cup of Christmas Cheer
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year. 2019 will be the 11th year of us doing this. Anyway, Stay tuned for the Year in review, and Best photos posts.
previous years reviews can be found: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

2.Last drop
Sable Offshore Gas project will flow its last gas Monday, and the last phases of shutdown will take place, with the wells being capped. The Jack up Rig Noble Regina Allen has been working to cap the gas wells as the project is decommissioned.

3.This Week in the Herald
This week, You can find me on the front page of the Business Section. The Construction of the Halterm Expansion is Finally underway, for real this time.


Dec 29 1956 – HMCS Magnificent sailed for egypt to deliver troops and supplies, in response to the suez crisis

Dec 26 1943- RN sinks the German battleship Scharnhorst off Norway

Adding an “S” to the Canada Shipping Act, and other news #30


1.This week in the Herald
This week in the Herald, I talk about the Senate’s report into SAR services.You can read the report WHEN EVERY MINUTE COUNTS:Maritime Search and Rescue(PDF) or view the various summaries on the reports website.

2. Bad Ice year
The CCGS is predicting this year will be bad for ice. the freeze up started 4 weeks earlier then the recent normal. We include the Ice Chart as part of the Port report.

3. Helge Instead Salvage
the Norwegian Navy Released footage from divers salvaging the sunken frigate. Also the navy is being sued by a Fish Farmer.

4.Container Rack
the terminal operator DP World plans to build a rack to store containers. the rack will enable more capacity and efficiency in the same space. Now – if we could get autoport to install car silos!

5.CCGS Captain Molly Kool
the CCGS put the former vidar Viking into service, and named the Ship CCGS Captain Molly Kool. Molly Kool was the first woman in North America to hold a Master Mariners license. its also a bitchin name for an icebreaker.



Dec 19, 1945 – Cabinet in Ottawa approve the formation of the RCN’s, Canadian Naval Air Service (CANAS).
Dec 16, 1773 – The Boston Tea Party.

Dec 14, 1938 – the schooner Theresa E. Connor is launched.

Man the lifeboats, and other news #29


1.This week in the Herald

This week i talk about CN’s proposed acquisition of Halterm and why its a good fit with what the company is doing on the west coast.

2.Feds want to award CSC
Defense watch says the feds want to award the type 26 contract ASAP. the trade tribunal agreed. Incidentally, the Dutch hull was jointly developed with the Spanish, and may also be flawed.

3.Offshore leases up for bid
despite BP and shell not finding anything, more leases are up to bid.

4.Canada  takes Command
the RCN Took over command of CTF150. The Task force sails the Indian Ocean near the exit of the Suez providing Anti-piracy and terrorism related patrols.


1. Lifeboats for buildings.
wartsilla bringing attention to climate change.


Dec. 11,1916   -HMCS GRILSE (1st) reported lost with all hands in a storm while sailing for Caribbean. Three days later she arrived in Shelburne, NS severely damaged, 6 sailors killed in the ordeal.

Dec10, 1945 – -HMCS VENTURE paid-off. She was the only sailing ship to serve in the RCN during WWII, acting as a guard ship & accommodation ship

Dec 9, 1949 – RCN officially changes the green Maple Leaf on its ships funnels to red. 

Dec 7, 1964 – HMCS ASSINIBOINE, following a refit from DDE to DDH, becomes the first RCN ship to embark a Sea King helicopter.

Warship design flaws and other news #28

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1. This week in the Herald

I talk about the sunken Norwegian frigate, and its implications for the CSC

2. More CSC Flaws?
Post media is reporting that DND has concerns about the type 26 potentially having power and propulsion problems due to similarities with the British type 45 – which has issues.

3. Raising the sunken frigate
Naval today has an illustrated guide to warship salvage. – or How they will raise the Sunken Norwegian Frigate. In typical European fashion, they will use a large crane.

4. Private SAR Helicopters?
Private SAR helicopters are a possibility – and frankly a good idea to augment CAF service.


1.Shipspotting in Vancouver.
I love this infographic for the Port of Vancouver. BTW, our shipspotting 101 series goes into way more detail on various types of ships that call in Halifax.


Dec 4, 1933 – Leading Seaman John Pully from HMCS SAGUENAY is buried at sea following his death on 30 November 1933 from leukemia. His burial off Halifax is considered the RCN’s first burial at sea.

Dec 3, 1969 – During HMCS BONAVENTURE’s final cruise, 2 sailors died when they entered an AVGAS tank that was not fully vented, 2 sailors that attempted to save their shipmates were also killed.

Dec 2, 2000 – HMCS VICTORIA (ex HMS UNSEEN), is commissions into the RCN as 1st of four Victoria class submarines

Nov 30, 1835 – Mark Twain, was born in Florida, MI. He worked as a pilot on Mississippi steamboats before becoming a writer. Mark Twain is a pen name, taken from a command used while sounding the river with a lead line.

Nov 28,1787 – Bligh departs spithead on his fateful voyage abroad the bounty.

Brett Ruskin’s secret life as Gumby, and other news #27

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this week in the Herald, I talk about the quiet end to Maersk lines short lived MMX Service, Congestion problems in the uk caused in part by software, the shelved merger of Horizon Maritime and their new ship, plus some other updates.

4000TEU Boats are getting scrapped at a fast rate – with 52 heading for the heap in the last 30 days.


Kracken Robotics, produced imagery of 2 sunken submarines and a ship off Rhode Island to bolster work for their protection.

4.North Korea’s hidden Ships
from the Wall Street Journal – how North Korea uses a fleet of ships to fund the regime.

5.Brett Ruskin gets wet

CBC Reporter goes through sea survival training.


1.cats getting in the way.


Nov 27, 1770 – Horatio Nelson entered the Royal Navy as a midshipman in HMS Raisonnable.

Nov 25, 1944 – HMCS Shawinigan was torpedoed in the Cabot Strait. 90 lost

Nov 23, 1809 – Famed pirate Edward Jordan hanged at Freshwater Bridge, in Point Pleasant Park. His skeleton remained hanging for years after

Nov 22, 1718 – Captain Edward Teach, AKA ‘Blackbeard’ is killed by Lt. Maynard, R.N. off the coast of Virginia.

Nov 22, 1957 – the first ship passes through the Iroquois Lock at Cornwall, as the new St Lawrence Seaway opens for traffic

Dumping Stuff in the Ocean – The News #26

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1. New ships Meet
the USS Michael Monsoor – a Zumwalt class destroyer and the HMS Queen Elizabeth met for a photo op.

2. This Weeks Column

this week in the Herald, I talk about the act of Piracy that put the CCGS Corporal McLaren MMV in the water, and the effect this has had on the ships namesakes family.

3. Northern Pulp.
the survey boat has left, after local fisherman blocked it from surveying. I’m hearing there may be a request for a court injunction to block the fisherman from blocking the boat. The proper solution is for northern pulp to move to a closed loop system, where they don’t dump crap in the fishing grounds – or at least do a proper environmental assessment.

4.Biggest Oil Spill ever.
the Leak from the Searose FPSO off newfoundland is now the biggest oil spill in NF history. It appears the oil has dissipated on its own.

5.Missing Sub Found
the missing Argentinian Navy Submarine was found last week, a year and a day after it went missing. The Sub was found by a US firm, crushed in 800m of water.

6.Ship in Trouble
A bulk carrier sailing from Port Cartier PQ ran into trouble, and sailed for the US. she has since set back off for Europe.


1. where the RCN is
This map is produced by Stephen Watkins, who tracks navy ships with publicly available information. He blogs about it at you can read about his map in this blog post.

2. mileage?


Nov 21, 1787 – Sir Samuel Cunard was born in Halifax. He is credited with creating scheduled trans-atlantic passenger service with steam ships.

Nov 21, 1954 – HMCS Labrador becomes the first vessel to circumnavigate north america traveling west via the northwest passge, and east via the panama canal.

Nov 20, 1969 – CSS Hudson sailed from halifax on her circumnavigation of both North and South America.

Nov 18, 1942 – HMCS Goderich and tanker Locoma collide in halifax harbour. the minesweeper took 3 weeks to repair.

Nov 16th 1857 – PO WIlliam Hall becomes the first Nova Scotian, first black person, and third Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at Lucknow. He was serving abord HMS Shannon at the time.

This post costs 30% more then planned – The weekly news #25

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1.Lifeboats head west

2. Openhydro continues

the latest on openhydro

3. BP doesnt find oil.
BPs partner has announced in a filing that commercial quantities of oil were not found in its drilling program. Shell returned their leases, presumably after not finding anything either.

4.Vidar Viking finished.
Davie announced the completion of the first ship, However with the first ship complete, Canadian Press is reporting Davie and Federal fleet have delivered on time, but not on Budget, with the costs of the project increasing by 217 million.

5.Open House Saturday

6. Job Fare – Be a SeaFarer
Want to be A Seafarer? Attend SIU’s job fair tonight.





Nov 13 1915 – Barque Calburga floundered in heavy weather off Strumbel Head, Wales, while carrying timber from Halifax.

Nov 12, 1928 –  The Lamport and Holt Lines passenger ship Vestris sank in the Atlantic after being swamped by two huge waves.

Nov 11, 1976 – HMCS ALGONQUIN assists fisheries protection vessel Chebucto in arresting two Cuban fishing vessels suspected of illegal fishing in the Halifax approaches

Nov 10, 1813 – The warship Atalanta was wrecked near Halifax Harbour. The ship sank in only twelve minutes but the entire crew were saved.

Nov 8, 1728 – Captain James Cook Born on this day.  He spent his early career in Canada


Falling from the sky, and other Weekly News #24

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0. Plane Crash

1.Hudson is old

CBC is reporting that the 55year old Hudson may qualify for OAS.

2. Cleanup Isle 3.
the CCGS removed oil form the Manois L. this is how they did it.

3.This week in the Herald
I talk about Atlantic Towing picking up west coast work with the coast guard, after they won a contract to provide 2 emergency towing vessels in BC. I also mention the shifting of bunkering to Saint John.

4.6th AOPS
On Friday the feds announced a 6th AOPS. Some say its politics, some say the navy needed the 6th boat to ensure readiness.

5. NS Sailing Conference
NS Sailing is holding its 4th annual conference Nov 17th, at Citadel Highschool.

6. Marblehead.
the Notice of Race for the 2019 Marblehead has been posted.


1.Walls of Olde.

2. Yarmouth Ferry.


Nov 7, 1910 – HMCS RAINBOW arrives Esquimalt for 1st time, the first RCN ship on the west coast.

Nov 7, 1872 –  The brigantine Mary Celeste, built in Spencer’s Island, NS, sailed from New York, bound for Genoa, Italy.

Nov 6, 1940 – HMCS Ottawa and HMS Harvester sink the Italian submarine Faa di Bruno. It was the RCN’s first submarine kill of the war.

Nov 4, 1940 -The Armed Merchant Cruisers Laurentic and Patrolus were sunk off Iceland by U-99

Nov 3, 1942 – Canadian merchant ship Chr. J. Kampmann was sunk by u-boat attack while carrying a cargo of sugar and rum.


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