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DS Crown to the Rescue

Tradewinds is reporting that

A post panamax containership is on fire in the middle of the North Atlantic after an explosion in a containerstack. The crew of the 6,732-teu MSC Flaminia (built 2001) have abandoned ship with four of the 25 seafarers reported to have suffered injuries and one missing. A rescue is currently underway with the oil tanker DS Crown the nearest vessel able to provide assistance to the crew who took to a lifeboat and liferaft. The incident happened about 1,000 miles from the Canadian and UK coasts so beyond the range of rescue helicopters.

DS Crown is the former Front Crown which was sold to new owners and was renamed in Anchorage 1, before she sailed in last week


Tradewinds reports that 2 crew have died, and 2 tugs with firefighting equipment are on route. A Lloyds Open Form salvage agreement has been signed with SMIT.

See for official releases from the ships owner. Firefighting equipent has arrived, and the plan is to extinguish the flames and tow the vessel to europe. Reederei NSB also released the following Photos:


UPDATE 3 (July 19) There has apperntly been a second explosion, leading to a halt of fire fighting Efforts. An addtional Tug is also enroute

US Navy Visit – July 20th

War of 1812 Commemorations, and Tallships Events will coincide  with a US Navy Visit.
The USS De Wert, a U.S. Navy Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, is one of a flotilla of U.S. and Canadian ships that will be touring the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System this summer from July 20 through September 21 in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.  In addition to the USS De Wert the ships scheduled to participate in the tour include the coastal patrol boat USS Hurricane, and the Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigate HMCS Ville de Quebec.

The Tour kicks off July 20th in Halifax, and then heads to quebec, and around the Great Lakes.

USNS Grapple Update

USNS Grapple paid a visit to Halifax earlier this month. When She left, she gave a “random” (ie not a major port) destination in Quebec. It now appears that she was tasked with the recovery of remains of the aircrew of a PBY 5A Catalina Aircraft which went down in November 1942 off the coast of Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Parks Canada Discovered the aircraft in 2009. You can read more about the Recvoery at PC.GC.CA

One of the primary roles for Catalina Aircraft (And the Canadian version, the Canso) was anti-submarine warfare. the PBY was likely patroling the Gulf of St Lawerence when it went down.

Bluenose II – Late and Over Budget

The latest news on the Bluenose reconstruction is that it is behind schedule and over budget. This could be forgiven if the work was actually a restoration, and conditions were found to be worse then expected, however, for all purposes the Provence of Nova Scotia decided to build a completely new boat.

Since The vessel is all new construction from the Keel up, the only reason this project could go over budget and run late is poor planning. I suspect the only reason all this is coming to light now was that there was an expected launch date in July, and we are now in July, and there is no launch date.

The launch date is a critical piece of information. The RCMP Project 100,000 people could show up to witness the launch, and I am sure businesses in Lunenberg would like a long lead up to the launch to allow as many people to come as possible. No date means no one can make plans, and people will book their vacations elsewhere.  At this point, the worst  case would be a fall launch, out side the prime tourism season.

The cost so far is 16+ Million Dollars. Joan Roue had plans in 2009 to build the Bluenose IV at a cost of 7 Million. That projects website has gone dormant, and the cost would have surely increased since 2009, but Her price was always cheaper then the numbers the provence floated. I think all Nova Scotian’s and even a majority of Canadians want the Bluenose to be Sailing, but as the project continues, it becomes more clear that the whole Project has been mismanaged by the Provence.

If the Government of Nova Scotia can’t build a wooden fishing vessel, something thats been done in the province since it was founded, on time and on budget, can we trust them to do anything else?

For why calling this project a restoration is Dubious, See The Bluenose II(I?)
Again, I believe the LSA Are building a ship all Nova Scotian’s can be proud of. I think their workmanship is excellent, However the owners, the Provence of NS Have been less then up to the task.

HDMS Esbern Snare

HDMS Esbern Snare also arrived this morning for a visit. She is the second Absalon support ship of the Denmark Navy, and this is her (I belive) first visit to Halifax. Her sister, HDMS Absalon was in Halifax in 2010 as part of the NATO Fleet visit, and for the International Fleet Review.

She was commisioned in 2007. Update: Video of her arrival

USNS Grapple to Visit Tomorrow (July 6)

The USNS Grapple (T-ARS-53) is a Safeguard-class salvage ship in the United States Navy. She is homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. She is Due to Arrive Tomorrow around 0800

She was Originally Classed as a Warship, with the “USS” Designation, but was then transferred to Civilian operation with the Military sealift command, and took on the “USNS” designation.

 You Can visit the Ships Website Here

UPDATE: As of 1400, USNS Grapple is due tommorow the 6th, and not today as originally reported.

Sar Excercise off Mcnabs

The Chronicle Herald Reports:

Search and rescue exercise to be held in Halifax Harbour
If you see unusual activity in Halifax Harbour today, don’t panic.
A large-scale search and rescue training exercise is expected to take place near McNabs Island throughout much of the day, beginning at 9 a.m.
A Canadian Coast Guard spokesman said the exercise will include coast guard ships and personnel, police, DND Cormorant and/or Hercules aircraft and local ground search and rescue volunteers.
Sea Cadets will play the casualties in the water and on the island, in a scenario in which a tour boat is missing and believed capsized.

I May Get Pictures.. 
It appeared to be quite the exercise, occurring within thick Fog. CCGS Sambro was on scene at Majors Beach, and a Hercules and Cormorant were also in attendance, Though thanks to timing, and the thick fog, only the Herc could be photographed.

File Photo of a Cormorant 
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