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Atlantic Pilot pays a visit.

The Atlantic Pilotage Authorities vessel “Atlantic Pilot” is currently tied up at the APA Wharf in Halifax. A simalar design to Chubucto Pilot, Atlantic Pilot was built by A.F. Theriault & Sons Ltd, in Meteghan River, NS. She was christened in Halifax on November 15th, 2007, and is normally staioned with her sister vessel “Avalon Pilot” in Placentia Bay, NL

Ocean Odyssey

The Siesmic Vessel Ocean Odyssey arrived this morning and tied up at Pier 27. Built in 2005, and owned by the Norwegian firm Remoy Shipping, she is currently on charter to Western Geco.

Western Geco Previously was doing work of Newfoundland.

HMCS Halifax, Up Close, Post Felex

HMCS Halifax, the first vessel to complete her FELEX refit, spent the first weekend in may tied up on the waterfront for battle of the atlantic commemorations. 

(Above) Hanger Antena fit. (Below) note the dark stripe – this is likely heat or emi resistant paint

(Above) Antena Fit (below) Upgraded 57mm Gun

(Above) Forward view of Masts (below) New Fin saves fuel. HMCS Toronto had one installed before she deployed.

HMCS St John’s Spilled Fuel

CBC News is reporting that HMCS St John’s spilled Fuel into the Harbour this morning. A Navy Spokesman said the spill was reported at 5 a.m. by crew aboard HMCS St. John’s.

HMCS St. John’s is currently at anchor in the inner harbour. The Cause of the spill is not known at the moment.

A GOC Survaliance aircraft used for polution monitoring was perfoming overflights earlier today, and may be related.

Happy 100th Acadia

 Today marks the 100th anivarsary of the Launching of the CSS Acadia. The Acadia is a  former hydrographic Canadian Survey ship of the Canadian Government, that is now part of the collection of the Maritime Museaum of the Atlantic.

Acadia served Canada for more than five decades from 1913–1969, charting the coastline of almost every part of Eastern Canada including pioneering surveys of Hudson Bay. She was also twice commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy as HMCS Acadia, during the 2 world wars.

Retaining her original engines, boilers and little-changed accommodations, she is one of the best preserved Edwardian ocean steamships in the world and a renowned example of Canada’s earliest scientific prowess in the fields of hydrography and oceanography.

Halifax From the Air

The Entire Harbour, From Canjet Flight 672 Last sunday. At the bottom of the image is the Bedford Basin, and the point of land at the top right of the photo is Chebucto Head.

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