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BBC Mont Blanc for CFIA Inspection

This year has seen a number of vessels anchor for Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Gypsy Moth Inspections. It was noticed in 2012 that a number of inspected vessels were carrying the Asian Gypsy Moth, the the CFIA and USDA have stepped up their inspection program between March and October of this year (Presumably the moth is not laying eggs over the winter months)

The Asian Gypsy moth is an insect that is native to Japan, China, Korea and Eastern Russia, and can eat large amounts of foliage and result in extensive damage to forests. The Moths typically will lay eggs in protected areas of ships and containers ( Under overhangs, in corners etc.) and can hatch and spread once they are in Canada.

Ships that have visited ports in the affected areas are required to produce a certificate that they are free of Asian Gypsy Moths. On Arrival to Canada, the vessels are required to undergo an inspection to verify the certificate and ensure they are free from the Pest.

For More on the Gypsy moth inspection program see CFIA Directive D 95-03

BBC Mont Blanc Departed at 1530 for Bull Arm NF.

Yantain Express and the start of the G6 service

Today marks the beginning of the new G6 service to halifax, with the first trip leaving Thailand today. today also brought the arrival of the Yantain Express, one of Hapag Lloyd’s vessels assigned to the new service. Hapag Lloyd is likely in the process of shuffling its fleet as OOCL Oakland, and Canada Express, both already regular callers to halifax as assigned to the new service.Yantain Express is to date the largest vessel to call at Fairview cove,at just over 7500teu. Also of note, she tied up port side to the pier, opposite of most vessels, who point their bow in the direction of departure.

The full G6 rotation will be OOCL OaklandAPL Blegium,Canada ExpressAPL PearlYantain ExpressAPL AgateNingbo ExpressAPL CoralDalian Express and APL Cyprene.  all are post-Panamax, and with now 3 exceptions all new first time callers in Halifax.

Photos to follow

Tug Craig Trans to be sold at auction


A notice was published in Saturdays Chronicle  Herald indicating that the tug Craig Trans has been arrested and will be sold at Auction June 15th to pay creditors.

After the tug was arrested in the fall, the owner appeared interested in retaining the vessel however has now stopped paying her bills forcing the sale.

The notice is below


First View of Hero #6

The 6th Hero Class was rolled out for painting today, the CCGS Corporal McLaren M.M.V.

 The Vessel is Named after Corporal Mark Robert McLaren, M.M.V., of Peterborough, Ontario. Corporal McLaren was killed on December 5, 2008, in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, when his Canadian-Afghan patrol was ambushed. During the attack, Corporal McLaren crawled through enemy fire to aid his team’s seriously injured interpreter. He was awarded the Medal of Military Valour.

CCGS G. Peddle is tarped to protect her from overspray.

First Visit for the BAHRI ABHA

Today brings the first Visit for the BAHRI ABHA. The BAHRI ABHA is the replacement for the NSCAA’s Saudi Abha, which was sent for scrap earlier this year. A CON-RO ship, she is simalar to ACL’s vessels, though she carries cranes to do her own cargo handleing at unimproved ports.

The National Shipping company of Saudi Arabia makes a monthly call on Halifax. All 4 oh their vessels (that call here) are scheduled for replacement.

Row the South Shore

The Row the South Shore’ project involves building and rowing a traditional dory over

150 nautical miles from Halifax to the Lahave River and back. The Project was concieved and is being executed by Peter L’Esperance. The boat is currently under construction at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and will be launchedJuly 1st , 2013. The rowing passage will take place between August 1st and 17th , 2013.
The principle aim of this project is to promote and facilitate conservation in Nova Scotia. However, a secondary aim is to provide businesses and individuals with an opportunity to offset the negative environmental impacts associated with their activities. 
Prior to departure, Peter will seek sponsors and donate any funds raised to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, an organization which works on a variety of fronts to preserve areas of strategic ecological importance across Nova Scotia. Following the completion of the trip, the newly constructed dory will be sold and the proceeds donated to the Nature Trust.

The Vesssel itself is A Swampscot Dory. You can find out more about the project on the Row the South Shore Facebook Page.

More Western Geco Survey Ships

Offshore exploration is ramping up, with 3 more Western Geco Survey ships due.
Ocean Odyssey(Above) is already tied up at pier 27, and the port is showing that Geco Tau, and WG Magellen and WG Cook are due to arrive.

WG Magellen and WG Cook are interesting vessels, as they are built to the Ulstine X-bow design, and I belive are the first vessels of the design to visit Halifax.

(Left)A photo from shipowner WesternGeco shows WG Magellan and WG Columbus, two of six WesternGeco new seismic vessels with ULSTEIN X-BOW® design, side-by-side as they use a wide azimuth seismic technique, a recent seismic innovation to gather best possible seismic hits. 

Also Due is the Offshore Supply vessel Riverton. Riverton is the Ex MV Smit-Lloyd 112  built in 1975 and was used as an “OffShore Supply” vessel in the North Sea and later for Canadian Patrol Frigate Trials Support & General Purpose Auxiliary in the RCN.  She is owned by Cape Harrison Marine, Who Also own the Ex RCN Minesweaper Anticosti, which recently suffered an engineroom fire.

Riverton will likely serve as a tender to the Survey vessels while they are on station.

Update: WG Magellan arriving this morning. Photo by @cove17 via twitter

the fleet is scheduled to depart on tuesday for he exploration grounds, and will be working for Shell.

UPDATE 2: More of the Fleet

 (Above)Geco Tau (Below)ex RCN Tug Riverton, as a supply vessel

(2 Images Below) WG Cook

Upcoming Warship Visits

The Coming days will bring 2 warship visits to Halifax.

The first will the German Navy Research vessel FGS Planet, Due to Arive on may 25th. Built as a Swath Design, She is incredibly stable in rought sea states. SWATH technology was developed by a Canadian, Frederick G. Creed in the 1930’s. The Canadian Coast Guard has a Research vessel (Its only swath Design) named after him. thanks to Seawaves for the tip.© Anthony Vella

The Second vessel, will be a US Navy vessel for the annual memorial day commemorations at deadmans Island, on May 27th.

UPDATE> RCN News Mag is reporting the Japanese navy is on another training tour, and will be visiting Halifax July 8-11.

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