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Schwalbe Owes WDCL money – gets evection notice.

The Following Notice was posted on Schwalb’s Window:

You can read our initial story Here: The Schwalbe departed Bahamas bound for Bermuda, and with contrary winds and following seas, found themselves equidistant between Halifax and Bermuda. As they were heading in the general UK direction they chose Halifax.

CBC has reported that there are also some imigration issues – The owners wife was deported to the Philippines – As a Brit, he is allowed to stay for 6 months but has been told by CBSA not to leave Halifax.

Apparently the CBC Story was incorrect. From Charles Holland Himself:

my partner of 10 years, who has circumnavigated on S/Y Schwalbe was asked by CBSA to leave the country in order to fulfill immigration obligations in the process of her visa to visit Canada. It is my understanding that Somporn Chiangmanee has not been deported as falsely stated by CBC news. 

CBSA took exception to the temerity of my partner, Somporn Chiangmanee, arriving in Canada without a visa in place. Despite Somporn being in possession of 2 expired and 1 current passport documenting her arrival worldwide aboard S/Y Schwalbe, they failed to recognize her as valid crew. Regardless of our immigration Lawyer Mr. Lee Cohen advising us of her entitlement to remain in Canada under a temporary residence permit, CBSA were adamant that she must return to her country in order to meet visa requirements. 

Further, it should be made clear that Somporn sailed – Greece – Egypt – Yemen – Maldives – Sri Lanka – India – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore – Cambodia – Indonesia – Australia – Mauritius – South Africa – St. Helena – Brazil – Surinam – Tobago – Columbia – Jamaica – Cuba – Bahamas and has never had any visa issues as being valid and most important crew of S/Y Schwalbe.

Proposal for Another Ferry Naming Contest

Documents released to go for council propose holding another naming contest for New Harbour ferries to be delivered in 2015 and 2018. A naming contest was used to choose the name Christopher Stannix for the most recent build.
 Administrative Order #46 was approved by Regional Council on June 26,2013, and specifically allowed the use of Council approved contests to name ferries. The approved motion also outlined that permission from Regional Council would be required to commence another naming contest.

 HRM Regional Council could choose to not approve the ferry naming contests. In this case, the ferry would be named in accordance with the process established by Administrative Order #46. There is currently a commemorative name that Regional Council has already approved that would be eligible to be placed on a ferry or road; that name is ‘Lamont Power’, who was part of the Halifax Harbour Pilotage from 1906 – 1954 and served in both World Wars.

 If Regional Council were to reject the Ferry Naming Contest and move forward with ‘Lamont Power’, it would begin a formal naming process that would require the approval of the applicant for their name suggestion to be incorporated into the new harbour ferry.

HRM has tendered for a builder for these 2 ferries, however no decision has been announced as of yet.

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor is making its first stop in Halifax to my Knowledge.

She is a bit of an Infamous ship. first, she was a sister of the Costa Concordia, which sunk off italy, but was transfered to parent company carnival during construction. She also suffered from a fire in 2010.

On 8 November 2010, at approximately 06:00 Pacific time, on the second day of a voyage from Long Beach to the Mexican Riviera, the ship experienced a fire in her engine room, cutting all electrical power. According to Carnival, a “crankcase split, and that’s what caused the fire”, adding it was isolated to the aft generator room.The fire was extinguished by the afternoon, and no one was injured. Nearly 4,500 passengers and crew members were on board at the time.

The crew was unable to restore power to the engines, and the ship was towed by tugboat to San Diego.Without power for air conditioning and refrigeration, passengers were fed rations delivered via U.S. Navyhelicopters from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. Carnival Splendor arrived in San Diego under tow around sunrise on 11 November.

Photo to follow.

Neveska Lady to anchor

This morning brought the arrival of the products Tanker Neveska Lady. She first anchored for CFIA Inspection, and then moved to Imperial Oil. Owned and operated by Western Shipping of Singapore, She was built in 2005 and trades on the spot market.
She sailed from the Estonian port of Paldiski.

Another NYK Vessel

With NYK line Vessels seemingly replacing OOCL on the PAX Service, Fairview cove has been seeing a string of fresh faces this year. (APL Vessels are also common on the g6 Service)

Today brought the NYK Demeter, Built in 2007 in Ulsan, South Korea. She is rated at 4800 TEU.

Dallas Express

Friday brought a stop for Dallas Express. A regular caller in Halifax for a number of years, she took the name Dallas Express after her last refit freeing up her former name, Antwerpen Express for a newer larger Vessel.

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