Other Harbour Happenings.

With the Arrival of the Largest Container ship todate, a tall ship at anchor, and A US Aircraft carrier all showing up in recent days, its easy to forget other actions still happen daily in the port.

(Above)YM Moderation Put in for the Alliance. The Car Carrier liberty tied up at autoport, and then Moved to Pier 31.

(Above) Acadian sits at anchor waiting to tie up at the Irving Oil wharf. (Below) Atlantic Pegasus departed imperial oil for Sea.

Golden Oak Fixed an issue at anchor, and then proceeded to Imperial Oil.

(Above) The herring Fleet is Still in town, with the morning Star Transiting. (below)The Vera D Arrived just ahead of the ZIM Antwerp, but got out of the way.

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One thought on “Other Harbour Happenings.

  1. Sybil Nunn

    I always find your posts about goings on in our harbour most interesting.

    Heard the story on the CBC yesterday about the container ship. Think I’ll have to toddle into town to check ’em all out on Canada Day.


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